Pink Parcel Unboxing April 2017

Hehe before April is out. Thought I better post the latest PP. They were late delivering this month for some reason and then I’ve just had it sat in the spare room ‘waiting to take photos’. You know the drill.

This month looks a decent box. Let’s dive on in and have a ganders:

First, let’s put the kettle on! Sleep Tea. Erm, ok so might not finish this post… To be honest, I much prefer the natural non- caffinated tea bags, so I’m happy. It’s a lovely liquorice, lavender tea. For me that is perfection.

To go with our cuppa, we have Conscious Chocolate. I got mine in Goji and Coconut. A vegan, free from refined sugar sweet treat. Again this is right up my street. Thank you #PPSquad.

But, what is this another chocolate delight. Puff Paff Pudding Pot. A cute jar filled with creamy chocolate layered over a cake, brownie or busicut base. Erm, I’m not a cake/busciut fan, so I’m going to pass. I do have a lot of lovely ladies in my life who I know will love this! Mums, Nanna – this one is for you!

Now, let’s move onto the beauty bits. Starting with Patisserie De Bain Hand Cream. I got mine in Creme Patisserie. I like this. It doesn’t smell too sweet and it’s nice and moisturising. Plus perfect handbag size at 50ml. Yay!

Next, is something I haven’t seen before. It’s the Lavera All-Round Cream. I got my nails done for the wedding and I can’t open the tin *whoops* How do I ask Dan to open it and not look like pathetic! One opened tin later. It smells really nice. It’s consistency reminds me of a more melting balm version of Nivea Soft. It’s a handy little 25ml tin, so perfect for popping in your handbag, or for a weekend away.

Ooh a Dove Pure Care Dry Oil Conditioner. Ooh we got the shampoo last month. LOVED IT! Bonus, I use shampoo really slowly (not because I don’t wash my hair btw. Before you think *gross*!). I took the sample size shampoo to Venice and brought the remainder home so, I can team these two together and see how they are. I said I was going to look out for them in Superdrug and I forgot, but will definitely look to repurchase to try them out properly.

Hairon Ties. I usually buy these from Primani for £1. These are £3.99 for 3, so more expensive. The Primark ones break easily though, so be interersting to see if spend more, they last longer. I will keep you posted.

Lastly, you know me. The best bit obviously is the lipstick! This one is Hikari Lipsticks. It comes in a variety on shades. Mine came in Dune. This is a lovely on-trend brown/orange shade. Very flattering and moisturising. Love it.

Overall, it’s a really nice box.

You can pick the bits up at:
Pink Parcel pink
Your Tea ‘Sleep Tea’ 40 teabags for £16 at
Conscious Chocolate 80p for a 13g bar at
Piff Paff Pudding Pot £2 per jar at
Patisserie De Bain Hand Cream £3.99 at
Lavera All-Round Cream £2 for 25ml at
Dove Pure Care Dry Oil Conditioner £6.29 for 250ml at Boots.
Hairon Ties £3.99
Hikari Lipsticks $13

Pink Parcel Unboxing March 2017

I usually film this as a You Tube video, but sometimes I really miss just doing a good old blog post.

This months box looks a good one from the first peek 🙂 So the first thing that catches my eye is the Maza Chocolate. I really like the idea that the chocolate is vegan, free from sugar and artificial sweetener, handmade and 70% cocoa. I’m not too much of a dark chocolate lover, but I know it’s much better for you. In the box we get a 30g sample and it’s £7.99 for 80g, but I know dark chocolate with is usually expensive.

Next we have London Coffee Bag. I was a bit disappointed it isn’t a tea bag this month. I was going to drink it whilst I wrote up the blog post! It is however, a coffee in a tea bag! How quirky is that! The coffee is caffeinated, as was the teabag last month, so it appears Pink Parcel are perhaps moving away from the more herbal/soothing teas of the last year or so. I’m not a huge fan of coffee (the Northern in me won’t go!), so I am going to pass this onto Dan.

Now, I’m going to have a look at some of the body care this months box has to offer. I’m starting with Kepi Bath Crystals (various), I got mine in Cold Season. It’s currently a really dull rainy day, so it doesn’t feel too wintery. Saying that a good bath soothes menstrual cramps, so I don’t really care when it comes to relaxing and soothing the pain away.

Then, I got really excited when I spotted the Beauty Papier Green Tea Blotting Paper. This is amazing – I was only saying to my friend last week about I haven’t used blotting paper for years (but maybe I haven’t been looking properly) and here it is in the box! They are amazing and small enough to fit in your handbag for instant shine removal. A downside for me though is that it’s £7.99 for a pack of 30 sheets and that does seem rather steep to me, when it used to be a couple of pounds in Superdrug when I last used it.

Next we have, Boozi Body Care Body Wash, Cheeky Woo Woo. Now, I have just got back from a week in Gran Canaria so this is perfect. Shut your eyes and it has that tropical fruity scent that reminds you of your holidays! It is also vegan and cruelty free, which is something I am really wanting to get involved in. I don’t find it as moisturising as my skin needs though after fun in the sun, which is the only downside, but I am going to try it again at a later date.

Ooh next we have Dove Pure Care Dry Oil Shampoo. I haven’t spotted this before and I love oil for my face and body, so I am really looking forward to trying this. I am going to hold off from using it for another few weeks though as I am going away again and the 50ml carry on size is perfect if I’m not taking checked in luggage.

Next we have a Lapel Yeah ‘Happy Everything’ Pin. This is so cute ‘a happiness booster in a pin’. I’m going to pin it to my makeup bag I think as I alway lose pins attached to my coat!

Last but the thing which probably excites me the most is of course the lipstick. We have the Rimmel The Only One and I have it in 700 Naughty Nude (I love that name!!). The colour is beautiful and perfect for moving away from the winter reds. It’s nice and moisturising too. I applied it at 2pm and

Pink Parcel is £6.99 for your first box and then £10.99 thereafter available at pink You get all your ‘monthly’ essentials and some pretty fab makeup/beauty and sweet treats. As well as things like necklaces and like this box, the little cute pin.

In the box details:

  • London Coffee Bag (£5.99 for a pack of 10) available at 
  • Maza Chocolate (£7.99 per 80g bar) available at 
  • Kepi Bath Crystals (various) (£1.95 each) available at
  • Beauty Papier Green Tea Blotting Paper (£7.99 for 30 sheets) available at
  • Boozi Body Care Body Wash, Cheeky Woo Woo (£5.95 for 250ml) available at
  • Dove Pure Care Dry Oil Shampoo (£2.99 for 250ml) available at, but might be cheaper at
  • Lapel Yeah ‘Happy Everything’ Pin ($5) available at

Lots of love, 

Beverly Hills Perfect White Review

Yay Valentines Day is just around the corner! I am such an romantic and I love the love of the day. I love making myself feel as pretty as I can and getting ready for the day (I will link my Valentines GRWM here). What better way to feel pretty than with a lovely white smile. I was kindly sent these gorgeous toothpaste and a mouthwash to review and I get really excited at trying anything that makes you feel nice and clean and combats those nasties that stain your teeth and give you bad breath. As we all know dates and bad breath are never a good mix!

Here’s is what I tried:

Perfect white black mouthwash: It says on the bottle shake to activate
It removes stains and helps to whiten and brighten teeth. It removes the tannins found in red wine (I like me some red wine), tea, coffee, berries and species.

Perfect white black toothpaste: At first I was put off by the black consistency. So, what if this doesn’t wash off and I have to go out with black teeth… Deep sigh… No, it washes off and my teeth look really clean – result! The charcoal also combats breath.

Perfect white gold toothpaste: This toothpaste actually looks like gold! What better way to make you feel like a princess! The gold particles has an anti-bacterial effect.

Overall I am loving this range. I actually think I favour the charcoal, despite my initial panic at the colour! My mouth feels fresh and clean and I have no coffee or red wine stains. I definitely feel date confident now. Grab your coat Daniel, we’re off out! 🙂

Have you tried the range? 
Lots of love, 

My New Love: My Sign By Revolution

Hands up I have too much make up, but hardly ever use any of it! My current mini eyeshadow palette had hit pan and I thought what other small eyeshadow have I got. I’d only gone and bought this before Christmas and put it in my “eyeshadow palette” drawer and forgotten about it!

I thought it was a really quirky idea to have a range of makeup designed just for your star sign, but I also loved the colours and the travel compact size of the eyeshadow palette.  Although, it isn’t just an eyeshadow palette; it’s an everything you need all in one pot – we have eye primer, highlighter, three eye shades AND a two-toned eyebrow powder! Plus look at the colours – that gold is just, well being a Leo, we love golden and glorious and it’s just perfect!

So, if you’re wondering what my new love is, well look no further! I picked mine up at Superdrug, but you can also get your hands on Leo or any of the other astrological signs at TAM Beauty.

My Leo Sign is Playful, Generous and Ambitious. What’s yours? 
Lots of love, 

Pink Parcel Unboxing January 2017

This is the first Pink Parcel of 2017! It’s a bit more of a snack box than normal, I really like it when they have a few make up bits inside. I love the mascara though! I hope you enjoy 🙂

How’e your January going so far? 
Lots of love, 

New Apartment/Flat Tour

Our new flat is coming along nicely, so I thought I would give you a quick tour now we’ve got a bit more settled in. Our old flat was Dan’s bachelor pad and then our first home, so it was quite hard to say goodbye at first. The new flat still needs some bits to make it a bit more homely, but it’s starting to feel much more like home now.

I hope you enjoy a quick look around 🙂 
Lot of love, 


You know when you find the perfect cleanser, you just don’t want to every lose it from your life 🙂 I have just gone to re-order the Spiezia Organics Daily Radiance Facial Cleansing Balm from Feel Unique, but they don’t appear to stock it anymore. Mad Google search panic later and I found it on their own website. Who knew they had such a massive range of 100% organic skin care. Sorry credit card 😳

This is just the most amazing oil-based balm. Just the tiniest amount is needed (I’ve had this 50ml tub for ages). Just gently rub it between your fingers to warm up, apply and remove with a warm, damp facial cloth. The makeup just melts away and my skin feels fantastically hydrated afterwards. Like baby soft skin!

It smells fantastic (I smell everything!). It smells like an aromatherapy spa for want of better adjectives to describe it.

The only downside is that it isn’t that cheap at £29 for 50ml. As I said though a little goes a long way and I find the smell really relaxing just before I head to bed.

What’s your favourite cleanser? 
Lots of love, 

Pink Parcel November 2016

Erm, ok so where exactly has 2016 gone! Can you believe it’s the November Pink Parcel. Once again, it’s time for an all time favourite of mine. It’s discrete, it contains those “essentials”, but above all it contains some pretty awesome treats. This month is in collaboration with Look Magazine, so not only do we get beauty, we get to read all about the latest too!

I hope you enjoy 🙂 
Whats your favourite beauty box? 
Lots of love, 


Where did 2016 go? I can’t believe we are only weeks away from Christmas! That means it’s almost to time to buy the tree – whoop!

Last week I attended the Blogosphere Christmas Market, where The London Tea Company where showcasing their new tea, Winter Wonderment. The goodie bag had a pack of the tea and a gorgeous tea towel. Ok, you know you’ve just moved house and you’re getting old when you get excited by a tea towel. Am I right?

I love their teas. Raspberry Inferno was my favourite over summer as it was perfect hot or cold for summer days and nights.

Now, winter is almost here. It is definitely feeling colder isn’t it (as I sit here sipping my tea all wrapped up in the sofa blanket), they have produced this gorgeous refreshing peppermint ice blast inspired tea.

As the name suggests, the tea doesn’t have a traditional Christmas smell or taste. Instead it is an intense peppermint blast. This would be ideal if you have the dreaded winter sniffles! Peppermint is also great for calming delicate tummies and aiding digestion from all those Christmas treats. TMI, but I have IBS so drink peppermint tea regularly and it really helps.

The tea bags are shaped and look just like the Teapigs, so you get the real intensive flavour as they leaves are free to swirl around the little triangular bag.

I do prefer more traditional Christmas teas for this time of year, but I think peppermint is a good all year round tea. It’s the perfect afternoon pick me up!

What’s your favourite tea?
Lots of love,