Top tips: What to do when you’ve got too much to do

Do you ever have that horrible overwhelming feeling that no matter what you do your ‘to do’ list is never ending and there are not enough hours in the day. Here are my top tips for getting on top.

  • Does it really matter that much? Prioritise your to do list.
  • Work out the jobs that really need your attention. Put them to the top of the list for urgent attention.
  •  Get the quick fixes ticked off. There will be things on there you can quickly get done. Get them ticked off!
  • Delegate. Can someone else do the job or help out? I know it’s not easy to ask for help or let go, but it could really help in the long term.
  • Get a good nights sleep. The first thing that happens when you feel you have too much on your plate is you feel stressed, next your sleep suffers. This is counter-productive as this affects your concentration and ability to get the job done.
  • Avoid too much caffeine.  As with above a healthy body helps a healthy mind. Avoid drinking too much caffeine as it will just make you feel groggy and not able to concentrate on the task in hand.
How do you deal with that ‘too much to do’ feeling? 
Lots of love,
Helen xoxo

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