Why I didn’t take my husband’s name

I’ve been reading a few posts of late from ladies saying why they are taking their husband’s surname once they’re married. Each to their own. Personally, it wasn’t for me. Neither is being called Mrs. I love the banter that Dan and I have and many of our inside jokes are over our surnames and I love our little partnership.

I don’t even have the ‘best’ of surnames, but hey it’s my name. The thought of become someone different just didn’t feel right. We did both consider double-barrelling to have the same name, which I know is another hugely popular decision.

Our wedding was also more modern by scrapping those traditions of ‘giving away’ and walking up the isle stuff. I think weddings are such personal things, it just has to be right for you. I loved us walking into the ceremony room together. It was like walking into the new chapter of our lives hand in hand together.

Just one point to note though, if you don’t become Mrs Husband’s name then be prepared for people changing it for you. I’m still politely correcting people 🙂


Whatever you go for, wishing you a long and very very happy marriage!

Lots of love,

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