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14 Things We’ve Learned Since Britney Wore That School Girl Uniform

It’s 20 years since Britney Spears released Baby One More Time in October 1998. Yes. Can you believe it? I turned 40 in August, so I was 20. I thought it would be fun to take a little trip down memory lane and have a giggle at the things we’ve learned since Britney wore that school girl uniform.

Let’s rewind to 1998.

That school uniform look became the go-to fancy dress outfit. Perhaps not the best look. That didn’t stop us. I even got my mum to post my old school tie to uni. I was trying to find a photo. Thankfully, one doesn’t seem to exist.

We drank alcopops. Bacardi Breezers tasted like cough medicine, yet we still drank it. (Cue the above photo and me sporting “The Rachel” hair). Although, I do remember quite liking orange Reefs. Does anyone else remember them? People smoked in pubs and we never thought to question the dangers to our health.

We bought disposable cameras to take our photos. Then waited for ages for them to be developed in Boots or Max Spielmann. Then you crossed your fingers in case there were any dodgy photos. Or even worse none of them came out properly.

Google was born.

Before then we had to ‘Ask Jeeves’. Personally, I found it pointless asking Jeeves, as he rarely had the answer. Google was the game changer. For everything we need to know, we ask Google don’t we. 

We had to use dial-up internet. Who remembers AOL? Remember when your mum would shout at you because she couldn’t use the phone because you were online, again!

The Millennium Bug didn’t happen. People panicked about what would happen when we reached the year 2000. Despite all the drama, the world didn’t end, and computers still worked as the clock struck midnight.

Before Netflix and Spotify.

We had to own physical copies of our favourite films and music. Oh yes, VHS and CDs. Who remembers putting sticky tape over the VHS record notch to record your fave film?

Talking of films, we still rented movies from Blockbusters. Who remembers Friday night debating which film to get out. Then Sunday evening trying to find the film box so you didn’t get a fine for late return!

We started to really like Harry Potter. 1998 saw the release of J.K.Rowling’s second book, Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets. The films didn’t actually come until 2001.

Love was a different ball game.

We had to meet people in the real world. Dating often meant meeting people in clubs. Or if you were lucky enough to meet someone through work or friends. I think that’s why I was single for much of this time.

We realised it was ok to talk about sex and modern issues. Sex and the City got us talking. We wanted to be Carrie Bradshaw or part of the gang. Well, I did anyway.

We had to make an effort to stay in touch with friends. There was no Facebook. Yet, that means there’s not as many embarrassing photos about, so win-win.

We started our love of mobile phones. In 1998 the Nokia 6120 was the phone pretty much everyone had. It cost a fortune to use it. You could only text or call, and you had to spend ages trying to get a signal. It was worth it though.

Thankfully, since 1998, we have realised that all love is equal. Back in the day, gay marriage was unthinkable. Thankfully, now we can all get married or enter a Civil Partnership, should we choose.

Although, we are still learning.

The importance of looking after our mental health. Britney famously had her breakdown in 2007. The world looked on. The tabloids printed the photos of her with a half-shaven head of hair. I remember so many conversations around that time. It is good we are now able to be much more open about mental health issues now. Although, there’s still a long way to go.

Hope you enjoyed the little trip down memory lane.

What have you learned since Britney wore that school girl uniform?

Lots of love,
Helen xoxo


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  1. Avatar
    5th November 2018 / 1:12 pm

    A great nostalgic post! i remember my mum was obsessed with Ask Jeeves, I always had to google things for her after she’d asked Jeeves, haha!

    • Helen Loves 9th November 2018 / 3:59 pm

      Aww thank you! Haha your poor mum! x

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