5 ways to stay happy at work

The evenings are getting lighter, we are feeling brighter, but for some reason work remains a constant stress. Here are a few ideas for making the working day feel that much better…

1. Keep yourself organised: A clear mind starts with a clear plan of the tasks ahead. Write down your tasks properly and prioritise. Just pop it on a ‘to do’ list and get tick happy.

2. Clear the clutter: File it or bin it, then wipe down your desk. Start again with a clear work space.

3. Work out your optimum productivity time: Ok so this may be dictated to by your working hours, but even then you can make it work for you. I’m productively more of a morning person; when the boxes get ticked for more mundane tasks. Whereas, for more creative tasks, I’m an evening person. Work out what works best for you. 

4. Have something to look forward to: Wherher it be lunch with friends, the gym, or a sneaky treat. Whatever makes you feel good or provides a goal. 
Make  time to get away from your desk and have lunch, stretch or get out for some fresh air. To make it even more enjoyable, find a designated colleague-buddy to do this with!

5. Learn to switch off: Have a set shut off time where you will no longer reply to emails or work. Let colleagues/clients know this so they know where they stand.
What’s your way of staying happy?

Thanks for reading, 
Lots of love, 
Helen xoxo 


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