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7 Ways You’re Wasting Your Time Without Even Realising

One of my fave quotes is “You have the same amount of hours in a day as Beyonce”. I don’t know about you, but time appears to have a miraculous way of vanishing into thin air. Yet, we do all have the same 24 hours. It’s the first week back to work and I’m thinking what have I done with all that time. That got me thinking, how could you be wasting your time without even realising?

I started the holiday off with a great master plan of how I was going to get my s*** together. Life did, as it does, chuck you some lemons. Yet, aside from that, there was the time, I know I could have done things without wasting so much time. For example, the fact that I write a ‘to-do list’ every day and put the same stuff on it, minus the odd few things I’ve ticked off. Instead of keeping the same ‘to-do’ and going through it. 

I’ve thought about the most common ways we could be wasting our time and I’ve come up with these 7 ways you’re possibly wasting your time without even realising

10 Ways You’re Wasting Your Time Without Even Realising 

1. Waiting for “the right time.”

Are you holding off on tackling that to-do item until the mood strikes you or you think it’s too big of a job for today? Procrastination is your worst enemy. If the job is too big, break it down. Make tackling that task, the first thing you do, and it will soon become much more manageable.

My ‘sort my stuff’ was way too wide, I don’t have Marie Kondo coming over and making me tip the contents on the bed and sort them. Just by breaking it down into sections and sorting sorting through each area is the way to go. Just putting ‘sort shoes’ means an easy task. Tick. 

2. Not picking up the phone.

How many times have you thought I’ll just send a quick email to sort out something? Next thing it’s turned into a 20-minute game of email Ping-Pong to settle on a meeting time is costing valuable time.

Why are you reluctant to simply pick up the phone and get it organised there and then? That’s me. I feel so anxious about what is going to be said, I would rather hide. Then email and hope it is not something too overwhelming and hope you don’t call me during this process. What a waste of time. 

3. Screen time.

How long do you aimlessly just scroll through Twitter, Instagram or Facebook? Hands up, I am so guilty of this. Limit your time on social media and you’ll be amazed how much time magically appears in your day.

The same goes for constantly checking your messages. Sure, you can answer that new message really quickly, but each time you do, you cost yourself the time it’ll take to refocus on what you were doing before. If needs be, set an automated response on your mailbox, so that people know you are only checking emails at specified times.

4. Not time batching.

I am massively guilty of this one. I would spend an hour writing an essay, take photos for blog posts, then write the blog posts. Invariably I would forget to take the photos I needed and have to make a note. Your brain works far better if it can focus on one task at a time.

Maybe add a few bits of time batching to your Sunday GYST routine?

5. Making piles.

Either file it properly or chuck it. Piling it up just means you have to rifle through a whole lot of accumulated stuff and then take action later on. I always think of the “Don’t touch it twice rule”. Why put your coat on the sofa, to then hang it up? Just hang your coat up.  Job done. 

Take time at the end of the day to properly declutter your space, so it’s ready for a fresh start tomorrow. Find homes for everything you own, so that you can easily access it and put it back when you have finished with it.

6. Always trying to impress people.

Wasting time not being ourselves is not only time wasting, but draining.

Yet, at the same time, managing others’ impressions is arguably a big part of success. Maybe, though it’s more about the impression we make.  Maybe focus more about the smaller details. The gratitude or the attention to providing extra details or customer service. That surely says more. 

7. Not saying ‘no’.

If you are always taking on too much, you could be at risk of spreading yourself too thinly and not getting tasks done. Put your phone on silent  and think before you just say ‘yes’. 


How do you think you are wasting time?

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