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A Few Things I’ve Learnt at Forty

Bah, I’m still not used to saying, admitting or if I’m honest, fully accepting that I’m forty yet. I have however had a reflective few weeks where I’ve realised and accepted a few things.

I haven’t put 40 things I’ve learnt. Firstly, because that would be a very long post! Also, because I’m constantly still making mistakes and (hopefully) learning from them!

  • Age means nothing. It’s state of mind. I’m still the idiot I was at 20, I just have more wrinkles!
  • You’ll have a lot of baggage unless you deal with it. Ditch the emotional baggage. Ditch the clutter. Ditch the toxic people. Just declutter. Whether it be counselling, being ruthless and  just get rid. I’ve been reading a great book called, The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying, which is brill if you need some motivation.
  • Deal with grief and loss when it happens. It will only come back to bite you on the bum years later (trust me).
  • The same goes for anxiety.
  • Time goes faster than you’ll ever imagine. I am, in my head, still probably about 18. That’s, shit… a long time ago!
  • Get as organised as you can to save the old grey matter from excess stress. I’m loving bullet journalling at the moment.
  • I still don’t know ‘what I want to be when I grow up’.
  • If you take a chance on a career change and it doesn’t work out, don’t punish yourself. Don’t feel stupid and just carry on. Just admit it wasn’t what you hoped for and work on devising a strategy to move forward, or ‘backwards’ if that’s the case.
  • Love can’t be forced. If a relationship is wrong then it won’t work out. The minute you realise this and still carry on thinking it’s something you ‘can fix’ or ‘you just haven’t known each other long enough’, or… It just isn’t meant to be. Just get out of it before you waste precious years.
  • Love does happen when you aren’t expecting it!
  • There is a massive great big world out there. If can afford to, explore as much as you can, whilst you can.
  • Find your own way of relaxing and letting off steam.
  • Stop beating yourself up. You’re doing a great job!


The most important thing is to remember that you are amazing,
so go and live the life you love!
Lots of love,
Helen xoxo

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