A Little Christmas Lush Loving: Snow Fairy Review

Well, it wouldn’t be Christmas for me without the Snow
Fairy! This gorgeous sweet-smelling pink bath set is one of my favourites for Christmas bath time chill
outs. Although, bizarrely the sweet candy scent reminds me of summer, so instantly
lifts my spirit 🙂

This year for Christmas I got the gift box set. The box contains:
Snow Fairy Shower Gel – this smells like candy floss, which
admittedly is an odd smell to associate with Christmas, as for me it just
reminds me of summer (although that might be why I like it as I am not a winter
Magic Wand – as you are filling up the bath with water, wave
the magic wand in the water and hey presto pink bubbles! That’s what I call
magic. If you leave the wand to dry carefully, it even lasts for a couple of
baths worth too. 
Snow Fairy Sparkle Moisture Bar – crush the bar onto your
skin to reveal the soft moisturising centre containing shea butter and leaving
your skin smelling like a sweet shop 🙂 
Godmother Soap – I’m not fan of bars of soap, I’m a hand
wash kind of gal. It does smell gorgeous, but have to admit this is the only
thing in the box I don’t really use. 
Has anyone else got any winter/Christmas faves they look out
for every year?
Lots of love,

Helen xoxo

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