A Little Lush Loving

I can’t describe how much I love Lush. I think a combination of loving a relax, combined with a year without a bath in student accommodation (only a shower, not literally without washing lol!). All in it all, it means I cannot get enough of Lush atm…

These are my latest faves from Lush: 
Fluffy Egg Bath Bomb: This smell AMAZING! Like the whole flat smells of it from inside the bag! Lovely colour, moisturising and ready for Easter 🙂 
Butterball Bath Bomb: Lovely classic and again really moisturising. One of my faves. 
Lover Lamp Bath Bomb: I was glad to get my hands on this again, as it was just a Valentine’s Day special. Thank you Lush Westfield Stratford City. I picked up a few before they are all gone for another year 🙂 
What is your favourite? 

Lots of love, 
Hels xoxo 

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