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Alflorex Review Update

I wanted to do a little update since I started taking Alflorex a month ago. If you’ve read my IBS  story, I’ve set myself a deadline to find an over-the-couter solution or I’ve made a promise to myself and Dan I would go to the doctors if they didn’t work. Does anyone else suffer from White Coat Syndrome?

This post is not sponsored, I just picked them up from Boots (you can also get them from Amazon). The only downside is that they were quite pricy compared to some of the other tablets at £24.99.

Day one

Before you start taking the tablets, the information leaflet gives you a progress tracker to monitor how you feel before taking Alflorex. You can write down how ‘in control’ you feel. I found this really useful because you can look back on how you felt.

Week Two

So far, so good on the whole. Although, I’ve since discovered another trigger food. I keep a Food Tracker to help me identify foods which have undesirable effects! Up until February, I was a vegetarian and on the whole meat has had a positive effect on my stomach. I have realised however that sausages don’t agree with me. For some reason, we have been eating lots more cooked breakfasts, what with holidays and the Bank Holiday, so I have cut them out for now.

Week Three

The tablets seem to be working well with my lifestyle. I just take one at night and so far I haven’t missed a day (very good going if I don’t say myself!). One very TMI side effect I’ve noticed is gas *blush*. I have also upped my fruit and veg intake though. Again it’s on the Food Tracker. It’s hard to tell if it’s caused by the tablets or the veggies as that’s also a common side-effect of a more fibre-filled diet.

A Month On

I’m happy with how the tablets seem to have helped. I’ve decided to carry on with the tablets. I’ve cut out sausages and continued eating more fruit and vegetables. One thing I am conscious of though is that I haven’t had any particular stressful days during the month. Again, stress can have quite an impact on my IBS. But overall, I fell really positive about the effects the tablets have had, so I’ve just started my next pack.

Have you tried Alflorex? Or a similar experience with IBS? I’d love to hear from you.

Lots of love
Helen xoxo

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