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All The Fun Of The Fair

This is a bit different than my usual type of blog post. I guess, I really just wanted to do this because I am so happy about how far I have come in the last 7 months. Now, I know it’s not quite Glastonbury, but there is something really quaint and lovely about little village festivals.

A fire engine shaped balloon did ‘wheelies’ as it floated up into the sky. I only captured it upside down though! Typical 🙂

I went over to the Parbold Village Festival on Saturday. The theme was ‘The Beach’. Unfortunately, the sun didn’t keep his hat on, but it was a really fun family day out.

So, the reason that I am so pleased to be blogging about going to a village festival? After an accident, I am finally almost there. Lot’s of physio and walking (shopping is a great way to do lots of walking. Well, any excuse hey ladies!). I still need a crutch (a nicer pose without it), but hopefully it can be ditched soon. Honestly, has anyone ever tried to eat a bag of crisps with a crutch? If there is one incentive alone, I just want to walk and eat a bag of crisps as the same time (ha ha, I know weirdo!).

All the old favourites were at the Festival: Punch and Judy, brought all those childhood memories flooding back. Swing boats, carousels, bouncy castles and a bucking bronco. Mixed with some, for me anyway, newer things like zorbing. Zorbing is definitely on my ‘to do’ list!

We even got to meet Wayne Rooney, well a puppet that looked rather like him anyway! Forgive me, but I couldn’t for the life of me work out who the other characters were supposed to be. Anybody know?

Did you do anything fun this weekend? 
Helen xoxo 


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