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Aveeno Natural Dry Skin Relief

Hello everyone! I hope you’re doing really well. I’m coming to you today with something which if you have eczema or sever dry skin, could actually be the perfect product to relief and even, if used regularly, completely disappear.

Dan has suffered for years with eczema quite severely and tried all sorts to help. He’s tried over the counter, prescribed, E45, etc you name it and non of them have really helped. I have mild eczema which flares up around stressful times and have tried most drug store creams. This however is completely different – it really works!

Dan uses the bath oil, moisturising lotion and hand cream. The bath oil contains oatmeal and oil and is best used in warm bath water, not too hot. Followed by the moisturising lotion twice per day and the hand cream periodically, the difference has been amazing. As you can see by the consistency of the hand cream it isn’t heavy and doesn’t leave any oil slick residue.

Apparently, you do have to keep using them though. A lady we were talking to stopped using it and them tried it again and it didn’t appear to work.

We really love it. 

Have you tried this or any similar creams? 

Lots of love, 

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