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Baking delights: Simply delicious fruit and banana bran loaf

This is my favorite kind of cake, as it’s delicious and it’s all made with healthy ingredients, so you don’t feel any of the guilt, but all of the taste!

This recipe is also great if you aren’t into carefully measuring out your ingredients, as it is all made using one cup. 

You will need: 
Wheat Bran (you can also use All Bran)
Self-raising flour
Mixed fruit 
A ripe banana 
Mixed spices
Ground ginger
Firstly, put one cup of bran into a bowl.

Add one cup of mixed fruit.

Then, one cup of milk.

Then add one cup of self-raising flour.
Mix all of the ingredients together. I find a fork makes this easier to mix together.

Next, mash up the banana, I find adding a little milk helps to get the right consistency.

Next, add the spices to the banana mix.
Then stir in the banana mix with the bran mix.
Cover the mix with cling film and pop into the fridge for a few hours for the bran to soak up the liquid. 
If you are using All Bran, I would even leave this for as long as over night. 

Once the mixture has had a few hours to soak, pre-heat the oven to gas mark 5/190c/170 for fan assisted.
The cake will need around one hour to an hour and a half to cook. To test just put a knife into the mixture and if it comes out with wet mixture, it will need to cook for longer.
Once it is done, pop the cake on a baking tray to cool. 

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