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Beverly Hills Perfect White Review

Yay Valentines Day is just around the corner! I am such an romantic and I love the love of the day. I love making myself feel as pretty as I can and getting ready for the day (I will link my Valentines GRWM here). What better way to feel pretty than with a lovely white smile. I was kindly sent these gorgeous toothpaste and a mouthwash to review and I get really excited at trying anything that makes you feel nice and clean and combats those nasties that stain your teeth and give you bad breath. As we all know dates and bad breath are never a good mix!

Here’s is what I tried:

Perfect white black mouthwash: It says on the bottle shake to activate
It removes stains and helps to whiten and brighten teeth. It removes the tannins found in red wine (I like me some red wine), tea, coffee, berries and species.

Perfect white black toothpaste: At first I was put off by the black consistency. So, what if this doesn’t wash off and I have to go out with black teeth… Deep sigh… No, it washes off and my teeth look really clean – result! The charcoal also combats breath.

Perfect white gold toothpaste: This toothpaste actually looks like gold! What better way to make you feel like a princess! The gold particles has an anti-bacterial effect.

Overall I am loving this range. I actually think I favour the charcoal, despite my initial panic at the colour! My mouth feels fresh and clean and I have no coffee or red wine stains. I definitely feel date confident now. Grab your coat Daniel, we’re off out! 🙂

Have you tried the range? 
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  1. Avatar 14th February 2017 / 4:30 pm

    I havent seen this range but Id be interested to give it a try. Happy Valentines!

  2. Avatar
    Roshaan Asghar
    19th April 2017 / 6:37 pm

    I admire the way you have presented such amazing information here. Showbox app

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