Book Review: Blog Wonderful by Dana Fox

Looking to start a blog, or just interested in blogging? Here comes another great book ram packed full of tips and tricks from the very talented Dana Fox. 

I love Dana’s books. One of my favourites is the 365 Blog Topic Ideas. So, I was really excited when I spotted this book. 
The book covers everything to help you get starting with a blog. One of the top pieces of advice she gives is about knowing where you want to go with your blog. I think this for me was the bit I never really though properly about. I just wanted to write about everything I love and sometimes it ended up as a bit of a mishmash 😉
The book also goes through the essentials like choosing between Blogger and Word Press to eventually making money with your blog if that is what you desire. 
I think the best piece of advice I took from the book is: one thing you must never forget is to enjoy what you do. That for me is key. 
Thanks for reading, 
Lots of love, 
Helen xoxo 

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