Book Review: The Couple Next Door by Shari Lapena

I can’t say anything more than, this book is just BRILLIANT! I could not put it down, so thank goodness it’s half term.

I’ve looked at this book a few times by the till in our local Sainsburys and I’d heard a few people rave about it and I thought well why not. I expected it to be more chick lit, but it’s it’s not! It’s a fast paced and gets your heart racing with the twists and turns. You think you know the answers, but do you…

Anne and Marco had a dilemma when the baby sitter cancels. Do they still go to the neighbours for dinner? The neighbour doesn’t want your six month old baby in their house as she’s a fussy baby, she’ll cry. Anne and Marco decide to go to their neighbours and check on baby Cora every half an hour. Everything is fine until they realise the front door is open and she’s gone.

I haven’t read such a great book in such a short sitting for a while.

It has to be a 9/10.

Have you read anything similar to fill the now void in my life?

Lots of love,  Helen xoxo


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