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Book Review: The Luxe Life by Fleur De Force

I have followed Fleur De Force for years and I love her You Tube channels and blog. I loved the Glam Guide (I did a little review here) so I was so excited when she announced she was writing another book. Fleur is such a relatable person, who with her effortless glamour, you can’t help but want to follow her advice.

I love the blurb ‘Luxe living is all about bevoming your best self – the one you’ve always wanted to be – and making it look totally effortless’. That is, I think what many of us aspire to be. I certainly am one of those people. However, I am very disorganised and often chaotic in my approach, so this to me is a bible of how to, with a little be of extra effort, get those first class results.

The book goes through the various topics you would expect Felur to focus on, such as black-tie beauty, hair and fashion, but it also covers things like luxe at home and party food if you want some tips on home entertainment. One chapter I particularly liked is the wedding section. Although, this is more from the point of view of a guest at a wedding. There is also a chapter dedicated to the art of giving and how to make cute home made presents for people, which I thought was such a lovely idea if you are the more crafty type of person, just looking for a bit of inspiration.

As with the Glam Guide, I love the way the book is set out into chapters containing bite size step-by-step tips, interspersed with colourful pictures, as well as photographs of Fleur wearing her own clothes and makeup which added a nice personal touch.

As with the Glam Guide, I really hoped for a section of being more organised. The book does however have a section on de-cluttering, which I found really helpful as we are going to be moving house shortly and it is always good to have a clear out ready for a fresh start.

Has anyone else read the book? What did you think?

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