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Book Review: The Right Hand Man by Lee Cooper

This is the second and highly anticipated book in the series by Lee Cooper. The first, Granite Grit was brilliant, I will link my review (here). Lee kindly sent me this second book and it does not disappoint! This book pulls all the punches and has you hooked from the first few pages. It is wonderfully paced with twists and turns that really keep you guessing. I was that engrossed, I ended up missing my train home last night!

The book follows Davie Rhodes, a vindictive, deadly and notorious bare-knuckle legend without remorse for his victims. After causing his wife’s suicide, Davie flees Aberdeen, abandoning son Joe to work for Jack Gallagher in Liverpool’s seedy underworld. This is the perfect link to the first book, Granite Grit, as we see just why Joe is the man he ultimately becomes.

On the run, Davie meets up with his estranged son Max, who he also abandoned, and decides to mould him into the man that Joe would never be. But, it’s not long before the past catches up with Davie and he’s forced on the run again, becoming a gunrunner for the IRA.

Davie finds himself on ‘Europe’s Most Wanted’ list, living a lonely life and often in squalid conditions. His only wish to get out alive amidst all the treachery, and rich, but will he? After a chance encounter, Davie finds himself with his sons once more, as Joe and Max meet. Will the outcome be what they all hoped for?


I give the book a 10/10.
Please note this book has very strong and graphic language throughout.
You can find out more from Lee over on twitter

I can’t wait to see what Lee Cooper has in store for us next!

I hope you enjoy!

Lots of love,
Helen xoxo

* I was kindly sent the book to review. However, all opinions are my own*

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