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Can The Poundland Night Cream Really Work?

Poundland has to be one of my favourite shops for picking up the odd bargain, or two. So when the brought out their own range of skin care products called #6, I was really intrigued.

I did toy with the idea of trying the full Poundland #6 range, but I’ve got a full cupboard of backups for the rest of my usual skin care products. I’m trying not to keep just buying backups, so I just plumped for the night cream.

I’ve been trying out the Poundland night cream for a few weeks now.

First impressions

The cream is protected by a foil seal, which I always find reassuring. Nobody wants to buy a cream someone else has stuck their fingers into, do they! The cream has a quite a pleasant scent too, which I didn’t expect for a pound!

On the downside, the cream is a little on the thin and watery side. It reminds me more of a cleansing milk in consistency. For an anti-ageing cream, I was expecting a slightly thicker consistency.

After one week

After a week or so I decided to start combining the cream with a facial oil, as my skin was not feeling quite as moisturised as it normally would. My skin gets quite dry at this time of the year as the weather starts to transition and I could really feel the dryness. Plus, having just turned the big 4-0, I really want to keep the wrinkles at bay, as much as possible!

Maybe it was unfair of me to have tried the night cream in isolation. As I did stick to my normal day cream and kept everything else in my beauty routine the same. Maybe the combination of the full#6 range would have a more moisturising effect.

Would I buy it again?

I think for younger or less dry skin, or for people who prefer a lighter cream, then the cream would be perfect.

Personally, for me, I think I need something a little more moisturising from a night cream.  If you compare the cream is £1 to something like the Superdrug Naturally Radiant Renewing Night Cream, which is usually on offer (currently £2.95), I think it is maybe worth spending the extra few pounds.


Saying that I will be having a try of the other items in the Poundland skin care range. For £1 you can’t go wrong if they don’t work.

Have you tried the Poundland skincare range?

Lots of love,
Helen xoxo


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