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Cheeky Primark Haul

Yesterday I bobbed into Primark for some tights. However, as we all know when we nip into Primark, along with said purchase, you end up with a lot of other goodies 🙂 

We are going to a friend’s wedding over Christmas, so I thought I would get organised. I’m going to be wearing a strapless dress, so picked up a new strapless bra for £6 (I thought a bit TMI photographing that!). I also picked up the cutest necklace for £1.50, which will set it off perfectly 🙂 Given the wedding is up North, I thought tights were a must, now that I have become an adopted “soft” Southerner with the warmer temperatures down here. 
I also ended up picking up some slippers and boots. Baby, it’s cold outside! The slippers were a bargain at £4 and the boots £15! What’s that all about! The boots are low enough on the ankle to be able to wear with less formal dresses, but keep my tootsies warm on those January mornings, so perfect:) 
I also thought I would treat my poor over-treated hair to a treatment. These are only £2 and so moisturising. Also, keeping in the hair theme; these two cute scrunches, were I think, £1.50.

I did consider the stick on nails, but was a little sceptical. Has anyone tried them?

Lots of love, 
Helen xoxo 


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