Christmas: When South meets North

Christmas celebrations for us this year started off up North. If any of you have other halves who are from different parts of the country, or bless you, the world. Then you know logistically it can take a bit of planning come Christmas to make everyone feel special 🙂

Now, up North is not such a “comfortable” place for a born and bred Londoner. He imagined ferrets and pigeons awaiting him at Wigan North Western 🙂 
First stop was a friends wedding in Colne, Lancashire. So a quick change of trains was needed at Preston. As we are stood on the platform, “What’s that?” he says, as what can only be described as a relic from c1960 screeched to a halt at the platform; diesel fumes everywhere. Why does the first Northern Rail train have to be the bus-hybrid (anyone from the North know the train!).

At the couples request, I’ve not posted any photos of the actual wedding. I did have to do my obligatory (veggie) breakfast pic though 🙂

Final stop Christmas dinner after a final bit of shopping 🙂 

One of the downsides to travelling up before Christmas and bringing everyone else’s presents was I couldn’t carry all my presents up. So, my usual what I got for Christmas post may have to be in several parts 🙂

What did you get up to this Christmas? 

Lots of love, 
Helen xoxo 

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