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Cooking up a curry: a quick and easy homemade curry recipe

I can’t think of a better meal to celebrate the end of the
week than a delicious curry. For years I used to make curry using a jar from the supermarket, but I hate that horrible synthetic taste that often comes from processed food in jars.

Homemade curry is much healthier and tastier than a jar or a take away and it only takes
30 mins to make.
I was always a bit afraid to try to make a curry, I don’t know why, then a work colleague gave me a simple authentic Indian curry recipe, which I have gone onto adapt over the years. That’s the best thing about homemade, as you can tailor it to the way you like it.
Ingredients in my curry (serves 2): 
Chicken breast or prawns
1 chopped onion
Tin of chopped tomatoes
Tomato purée
1 small green chilli (I like extra thin fiery ones)
1 green pepper
Black pepper
Grated fresh ginger
Fresh chopped coriander (also leave a little for a pretty garnish)
Brown basmati rice
Garam masala
I am a little lazy and I tend to mainly use dried spices.  I will put around 1 teaspoon of each of the spices into a little dish.


Firstly, I dry fry the garlic, chilies and onions for a few minutes. Dry frying really intensifies the heat of the flavours and makes it extra spicy.
Then add the chicken to fry with a little olive oil.
Leave the chicken to cook through for about 5 minutes.
Then add the spices and the chopped tomatoes. Personally, I only like a little bit of peeled grated ginger, as it is quite a strong flavour and you don’t want it to overshadow the other flavours.
Leave the curry to cook on a low heat, with the lid on, for about 20-25 minutes.
Whilst the curry is cooking, pop the rice on to boil (this will take around 20 minutes), so that everything is ready at the same time. I usually add a vegetable stock cube to the rice for extra flavour.
Serve with a little coriander to garnish for that extra touch.
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