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Thoughts: Does having a positive mental attitude really work?

I was talking to a friend today about attitude and it left me pondering whether a lot of the way we feel is down to mindset…
So, how the heck can we “think positively” when everything feels like it’s going down the proverbial? Here are a few of my tried and tested ideas:
# Get a “happy note book”; a notebook in your favourite or a bright colour. In here write your happy thoughts only and what went well that day.
# Write down two things each day that went well.
# Pick one negative experience. What could you do to change the situation?
# Get a wall planner. I find colouring in holidays in bright colours, or anything you are looking forward to. This helps focus your mind towards positive things. Be careful though not just to use it as a ‘get out of jail’ style ticking off the days until your release date, as this won’t help your mindset 🙂
# Keep reminding yourself, what doesn’t kill you makes you stronger and this situation will end and better things will come.
How do you make positive changes in your life? 
Lots of love, 
Helen xoxo 

Hi, I’m Helen! I’m a wellbeing and lifestyle blogger. After years of letting anxiety and a lack of self-confidence get in the way of achieving my goals. I’m now all about finding tips and tricks to boost confidence, personal growth, self-care and productivity. I’m on quest to live my best life and hopefully help you live the life you love.

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