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Falling Back In Love With Yoga

After around five years (where did that time go). I finally went along to a yoga class. I put in my Life begins at forty post (here), that one of things I wanted to do is get back into yoga and although I didn’t go alone, I can’t believe I left it so long.

So this morning, I shoehorned myself into one of my old yoga outfits. The outfits I just couldn’t throw away because I was ‘imminently’ about to sign up for a yoga class. Although, I have to say, the said yoga outfit is now a little tight. You can, I am sure, read my mind and know that I think I’m going to fit right back into it them after a session or two, won’t I?!

I pottered along to my local yoga studio. I know I’m unfit so I opted for the Gentle Flow class. After such a long time, I thought it would be better to start at the beginning again. Also, I’m not the most graceful of people. I’m the one with my bum in the air and who falls flat on her face the minute balancing comes into play, so I thought better of pretending otherwise.

Well, I soon realised I was VERY unfit! I haven’t, I’m ashamed to say, probably done any real exercise, other than walking in all that time. I lived on a diet of cheese and pizza (yes, more cheese) and thought wine was part of my five-a-day, until I started to make changes to my diet earlier this year.

Besides the physical benefits, yoga is so good for your mental health. That’s ironic as I have suffered with anxiety for the last year or so. I left the class a hot sweaty mess, but with that euphoric, endorphins flying feeling, saying ” why haven’t I done this before”! I can’t wait for next week…


If you’re thinking “why haven’t I…” Just do it! AND more importantly, ENJOY!

Lots of love, 

Helen xoxo

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