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Five Daily Habits That Bring Me Joy

I thought I’d do something a bit different today. I’ve been all about the self-care and wellbeing at the moment. So I thought I’d run through the five daily habits that bring me joy. I know though when life gets hectic and stressful, the last thing we often think of are the little things we enjoy doing. So here are my little daily habits that bring me joy.

A bit of morning ‘me’ time

In order to do this, ideally, I try to get up at least an hour before I have to if I can. I use this time just to enjoy my cheese bagel (can’t beat cheese for breakfast!) and two cups of tea. I love to do this whilst catching up with the news, social media and just that few minutes of ‘me’ time before the day begins.


I find journaling really helps to clear your mind.  I write down anything I need to remember to clear my mind. If I feel anxious, I write down how I’m feeling, which is basically free therapy.

Journaling also gives me a space to write down what I feel gratitude for and positive about. I have a habit of being a bit of a negative nelly at times, so this really focuses me to look more positively about life.

Learning something new

I aim to learn something new each day. Even if it is just something I have read. This is a work in progress, but a goal I hope to develop more as we go along. At the moment I’m doing my Masters Dissertation, so time is a little too limited for learning too many new things.

Once my studies are finished though I want to put more focus on learning new skills. On my list so far is Spanish, Photography skills, specifically learning to use my Olympus Pen and SEO.

Going for a walk 

I love walking, although I don’t walk quite as much as I used to. I used to walk for miles! Now, I try to get in 10,000 steps in. Next year I’m definitely going to start upping my steps again. Haha I think this is turning into points I need to put on my goals list isn’t it!

Taking a bubble bath

This is certainly more of a winter joy for me. Erm, not that I’m saying I don’t bath at other times, you know what I mean! My Birthday is in August so I always ask for Lush bath bombs as then I have a bumper supply to start off the Autumn. Literally, as soon as it starts to go darker, I start to look forward to the warm soapy bubbles. If I fancy an extra pamper, I light some candles and just drift into bliss.

What do you do to bring you joy?

Lots of love,
Helen xoxo

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  1. Avatar 5th November 2018 / 9:53 pm

    cheese bagel & tea while scrolling social media? sounds perfect! going for a walk is always so relaxing 🙌🏻

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