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Five Easy Organisation Hacks

Now, if you know me, you’ll laugh when I say I have some fave organisational hacks. I’m very much of the Post It Notes are “my brain” mentality. Fast forward a wedding, new job, studying Masters on the side and wanting a life. It got stressful CONSTANTLY chasing my tail. Gradually, I have become to favour some hacks which 97% of the time if I stick to them, get me organised.

1. Write it down. I use the notes app on my phone, as it’s always with me. I’m one of those people who has a great idea or thinks ‘I need to remember that…’ as I snuggle down into my pillow. It will either then be wide awake worrying that I’ll forget said revolutionary idea, or I’ve just completely forgotten it the next day!

2. Find your own way to plan. Whatever your thing, be it paper calendar/diary or electronic calendar. I found bullet journaling and I’ve never looked back. Then Sunday evening, I just grab a weekly planner sheet and collate all my notes and to do list for the week ahead. I’ve even colour-coded with different coloured highlighters for work, social, uni, etc (knew that stationery obsession would come in handy one day!).

3. Never touch it twice. How many of us come home, dump bags and coats on the sofa. Then go into the bathroom and dump work clothes on the floor before jumping in the shower. Then have to go back later and put everything away? Hands up, me! It’s a waste of time. Now I try to come home, hang my coat up, sort my bag out and put the laundry in the basket. Touch it once and save all that faff time.

4. Meal planning. Keep a rough list of what’s in the freezer. Then spend a few minutes planning out what you will need for meals that week. Then just add the bits you need to a running shopping list on your phone. You can take this further and even make your lunch and get your breakfast bits out whilst you are making your evening meal, then it’s all done.

5. Create a ‘Birthday’ box. This is especially useful if you have or work with children, but we all have moments when life passes us by. You check your diary and realise it’s someones birthday and you need a card! I have a box of generic birthday, anniversary, Christmas cards, wrapping paper, tissue etc.  For children, you could take this further and buy some toys/gifts, so you never again get caught out for being disorganised – as long as you have put the date in your diary obviously!

I’d love to know your favourite hacks.



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