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Food Friday: Maria Bonita Inspired Mediterranean Salad

Hello and welcome to Food Friday. This week as the sun has made a re-appearance again, so we
decided to recreate our favourite holiday salad. 

If you are ever in or around the Nerja area of Spain, you should
definitely check out the Maria
Bonita Restaurant 
as the food was the best food I have ever eaten (and
I am really fussy!). As you can see from the photo above all the fresh fruit and good stuff that goes into the food. I have honestly never left a holiday destination feeling more healthy that when I arrived.

This salad is so simple and so tasty. Adding fruit to your salad makes it taste gorgeous and it looks so summery!

You will need: 

Red onion 
Vine tomatoes 
Red cabbage 
A red chilli (chopped)
Olive oil (to drizzle over the top)
Team it with some new potatoes and fresh salmon. Beautiful!
Has anyone ever visited the Maria Bonita restaurant? 
Or, has anyone come home and tried to recreate the gorgeous food you experienced on holiday too?
Helen xoxo 


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