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Garnier Simply Essentials soothing eye make-up remover

I haven’t been wearing much in the way of full eye make-up lately, so I haven’t really needed to use a specific eye make-up remover product. Yesterday however, I blogged about my favourite smokey eyes make-up look, so I needed to use a good eye make-up remover.

I forgot how good this was! I have tried so many eye make-up removers over the years and I find a lot of them either sting my eyes, they are too oily or they don’t remove the makeup fully.

I like the fact that it is a water-based solution, as I often find that with the creamy formulations all that happens is that they slide around my face and you need more cotton wool balls just to get the solution off your face. I also like the fact that it doesn’t feel excessively oily, rather my skin just feels nicely moisturised.

Garnier Simply Essentials soothing eye make-up remover, is really gentle and removes all traces of mascara. I hate that when you think you have removed all of your make-up, only to find horrible black marks all over your white towels!


I have quite sensitive skin, so I love the fact there is no perfume or alcohol in the product so it doesn’t sting.


Finally, it’s a nice small 150ml bottle so it lasts a while, but is perfect for popping in your travel bag.

Don’t you just love it when you re-discover a beauty favourite!

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