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Get Yourself 2019 Ready

Are you ready for the New Year? I love the feeling of New Year, new start. It’s like a chance to give everything in your life a massive audit, clear out what’s no longer needed and start afresh. Here are some ideas of what I do and how you can get yourself 2019 ready.

Get yourself a diary or diary system that works for you.

I personally don’t get on well with using electronic diaries. Yet I struggled to find a diary or planner that worked for me. Eventually, I discovered bullet journaling, and I’ve never looked back. 

Go through all your old ‘To-do’ lists and reminders.

Make sure everything is ticked off and still relevant. I’m terrible for having lists in my notebook, in my bullet journal and on my phone. I’m going through all the lists now to make sure it’s checked off. If the list is something useful, I’m making a useful list I can refer back to. For example, Box Sets To Binge On, Books To Read, etc. 

Tidy up your inbox.

I always leave emails I’m working on or need to remember in my inbox. This can become very messy! I’ve now created folders and put the emails in there. Then pop a note on my ’To-do’ list where the email is and what needs to be done.

Organise your desktop and sort through your photos.

Get some cloud storage or an external hard drive to file everything away you need to keep. Then set up new desktop folders for 2019 projects. You can then change your desktop background to a picture or something that inspires and motivates you. I personally like to create my own background and use a quote which inspires me. My new one is: 

‘You can measure your worth by your dedication to your path not by your successes or failures’Elizabeth Gilbert

Set some goals for 2019.

I didn’t bother with goals at the beginning of 2018. I got part way through the year and wished I had set goals, so I did some Goals To Achieve Before The End of 2018. I’m the type of person that needs to be held accountable. Otherwise, quite frankly, it doesn’t happen! This year I am going to set some 2019 goals. Goals, to me, are more about personal growth, than something I can just tick off. If that makes sense?

Learn or brush up on useful skills.

I really want to get to grips with Pinterest and photography. So I’m hoping to find some little e-courses that will help me along the way. There are loads of blogs with helpful tips and tricks. Corinne (Skinnedcartree) has great tips for blog and social media growth. Vix Meldrew’s podcast covers everything you could need to know for setting up a banging blog. I need to find a fave who has tips for using an Olympus Pen, but I love these tips.

Give your blog and socials an audit.

Could you update your profile pictures?  I have just updated my photos after using the same one since about 2016!  I hate having my photo taken, so just kept putting it off. Are your social media bios are up to date? When did you last sort out your about page? I’ve recently updated my about page, but it’s something that can always be improved as we evolve.

Have a “Spring” clean.

All the new Christmas presents need a home? What about cheeky sales shopping? My wardrobe is full to capacity, so nothing else is fitting in that bad boy. I know that means it’s time for a good clear out. I get everything out and put it on the bed. Clean the wardrobe. I then make three piles 1) Keep  2) Charity shop 3) Bin.  Then I only put back in what I need or will wear. Make sure anything you are putting back is clean and ready to wear. If it’s been in there a while, it may need a wash or iron? It makes getting ready so much easier in the morning. Who doesn’t want an extra few minutes in bed on a cold January morning?!

If you’re looking for some inspiration on tidying and ’Spring cleaning’ your life. I love ’The Life Changing Magic of Tidying Up’ by Marie Kondo. Also, Anna Newton’s book ‘An Edited Life’ is released in January and her YouTube videos on ‘The Anna Edit’ about creating a Capsule Wardrobe are brilliant. 


What are you doing to get yourself 2019 ready?

Lots of love,
Helen xoxo

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  1. Avatar 1st January 2019 / 7:07 pm

    Great post – I do most of these before the end of a year. I always have a mass clear-out of my room, sort through all the folders on my laptop and put anything from the previous year on a USB and get myself a new diary or notebook 🙂 xx

    • Helen Loves 2nd January 2019 / 3:52 pm

      It feels great doesn’t it. Especially after a good declutter! 🙂 xx

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