I have been feeling a bit sluggish lately so I started looking round at a few different detox options. I love tea, so I thought this
would be a perfect one to try.

Essentially for this detox, you just drink one cup of tea in the morning and then one cup at night. The tea tastes really good and not at all what I had been expecting (ok, dreading!).

The plan is aimed at weight loss, but that wasn’t specifically why I picked it. I didn’t notice any weight loss, but then I didn’t reduce my calorie intake during the 14 days. I chose this because I have tasted some pretty horrific detox drinks in my time and I liked that it was essentially just two cups of tea a day. Thereby, hoping I would stick to the plan – which I did.

I had done some research beforehand and some people (not to be too graphic), had found in the morning after the bedtime cleanse, they were a bit too eager to go to the bathroom. The bedtime tea is infused with senna leaves, peppermint leaves, liquorice
root, burdock root, hawthorn leaves, valerian root and psyllium seeds. This produces a natural laxative effect. I suffer with IBS (irritable bowl syndrome), so this was a bit of a worry for me, but thankfully I didn’t have any extreme reactions!

Overall, I felt it was a wee bit expensive for tea bags at £19.99 for the 14 day plan. I did however, feel nice after the 14 days and my skin was clearer and I felt less bloated. I definitely would do this again, or something similar, especially before going on holiday to get ‘bikini ready’.

If you are interested to try this, I have linked the website (here).


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