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How to make: Handcrafted gift cards | Creating a simply beautiful card

I thought we could start with a really simple Birthday card.

My mum makes her own gift cards and they are amazing! I thought it would be fun to give it a go and make my own cards, for that personal touch. I have asked my mum to help in creating a few blog posts aimed at beginners, or anyone interested in having a go at making their own cards.
You will need: 
A picture to use for the front
A piece of card
An envelope
Little jewels
Scissors or a guillotine
Double sided sticky tape
Double sided sticky pads
A  crafting pokey tool (click here) or a cocktail stick
Firstly, you will need to cut out the design you want to use for the front of the card.
This then needs to be stuck to the card. You could use glue, but double sided sticky tabs will lift the picture off the card and give it a more professional look.
Tip: if put a dab of glue on the pads, it will give you a few minutes of manoverability in case you put it down wrong.
Next, you will need to add the border edging.

Then the little jewels.

Tip: apply these using a Pokey tool (yes, that really is it’s name), or a cocktail stick, so the jewels don’t get stuck to your fingers.

Mum said she feels like she’s on one of the craft channels because I keep asking her questions with my camera pointed at her – sorry mum!
Next, for the inlay.Spend a little time making sure this will fit before cutting it to size.


Tip: to make the edges of the inlay look a bit different, you could use an edge cutter like the one below to give you nice smooth rounded edges.


Next, attach the inlay to the card using double sided tape.

To ensure the inlay is firmly stuck down, press along the edge of the card.



Don’t forget to personalise your card.


And here is the finished result.


I hope you enjoy having a go!

Thanks for reading


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