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How To Make: Handcrafted Gift Cards | Decoupage Kits

This is the second blog post, if you would like to look at the first blog on how to make a basic card, please click here.

Today we are making a card using a basic decoupage kit. You can of course create this by cutting out your own design, but for getting started, I thought a kit was a much easier way to get the hang of the technique!


Materials you will need: 
A piece of card
Chosen design for the background square
Decoupage kit (or cut out your own shapes)
Scissors or guillotine
Double sided sticky tape
Double sided sticky pads
Peel off craft stickers for greeting
A crafting pokey tool (click here) or a cocktail stick
This an example of a really basic decoupage kit, as it has each of the layers you will use clearly labelled.

First of all you will just need to get your actual card prepared.

Start by measuring up the background for the front of the card so that it can be cut to fit within the pretty border of the card.

Once you have cut the background to shape, stick it to the front of the card using double sided tape.

Make sure all edges are taped and a piece in middle helps to anchor the paper to the card.

Tip: if you only half peel back each of each of the strips, to ensure you get the positioning of the background right before you stick it down properly.

Now, starting with layer 1, use glue to stick the first layer to your background.Tip: use a craft pokey tool or a cocktail stick to remove the pattern.

Then, move onto layer 2. For this layer stick it down using double
sided foam pads.
Tip: don’t put them too close to the edge so you can’t see
Use little foam pads, or cut larger ones for the tiny edges.
Once, all the layers have been built up. Simply pick a greeting to add to the card.
Tip: use a pokey tool or cocktail stick to apply the foil lettering.
Next moving onto the inlay.Measure the paper to make sure it fits before cutting it to size.

And there we go, a simple, quick and easy card all made by your own fair hands!
I hope you found this useful if you are getting into craft and card making.
If you would like or have any tips or advice please don’t hesitate to comment or contact.
Helen xoxo


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      17th July 2014 / 4:55 pm

      Aww thank you for your lovely comment Amy. Of course I will 🙂 Helen xx

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    Andrea InMamasWardrobe
    28th July 2014 / 9:27 pm

    I've just been given a massive box full of card making stuff by my uncle! He said it would be fun for the kids but after taking a good look I think it'll be good fun for Mama! Will have to give it a go! Ax

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      29th July 2014 / 6:26 pm

      Oh definitely good fun for Mama – it's so therapeutic and you get that little I'm so proud of myself – I made this feeling 😀 Any questions or anything just give me a shout! H xx

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