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Improving Your Blog Images

One of my blogging goals for 2016 was to try to improve the quality of my images.

Here are some ideas I have put together to help me focus on improving the images I post on my blog and other platforms, such as Instagram.

1. Lighting: The good old British weather doesn’t help this one in winter! Especially, as I work long hours, so it is dark when I get home from work. I bought some lights a few months back (I did a review here). You can’t beat natural lighting though for quality images.

2. Camera: This is one area I want to change this year; I want to invest in a good quality camera to take photos. At the moment I use the Cannon S110 and my iPhone. The quality of the iPhone means you can take good quality photos on the go.

3. Editing: How you edit the photos really helps the quality of the images. I have Photoshop, but invariably I will use picmonkey, which is a free online photo editor. If I take the image on my phone I will usually adjust the lighting and contrast colours on the photo and/or using apps such as afterlight.

4. Background: My boyfriend’s flat is very Instagram/blog post friendly. The two top photos were taken on his dressing table. Whereas my flat is quite cramped with dark work surfaces, so it doesn’t always make for great photo opportunities. I picked up the wallpaper sample for free at Wilkos, which I find is good when I want clear shots for make-up pics.

5. Get images for free: Certain websites allow you to download images for free, without infringing copyright laws. My personal favourites are Picjumbo and Pixabay and All The Free Stock.


What are your top tips for the perfect image?
Lots of love, 
Hels xoxo



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