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Life lessons: What if we’re our own worst enemy?

I have lost count of the times that I’ve thought. Why did I do that? Why didn’t I do that? I need to do that! I’m either living in the future or living in the past. That, let me tell you, leads to some pretty bad decision-making. Why can’t we just be happy and live in and appreciate the now?

How many times have you got so excited about something and next thing the self-doubt creeps in? What will work think? What will so and so think? What will all the Facebook/Insta peeps think? Who are ‘these people’? Is it actually that we are just scared and in reality the only person who is judging us is actually ourselves. Hands up, anxiety leads me to constantly self-doubt and make mistakes. I’ve just landed myself back to square one and I’ve spent the past few weeks berating myself and it needs to stop.

“Your worst enemy cannot harm you as much as your own unguarded thoughts.” Buddha

I hope this time it can be different though. Some how the destructive cycle needs to be broken. Where to start? I’ve jotted a few ideas down that I’m trying out. Feel free to add to and let me know what works for you? Here goes:

1.Forgiveness. Just forgive it. Forgive yourself and let go.

2. Stop living in the past, or the future. The past has gone, yes learn from it, but it’s gone. The future; it’s not here yet. Yes, our actions today may impact tomorrow, but don’t get too hung up on the future. Live for now.

3. Write it down. The times I find it hardest to write down my thoughts is when I feel at my lowest. Ironically, if I can sit down and write and get it ‘off my chest’, then I feel so much better. If can write each morning for say 5-10 minutes and I eventually start to feel I’ve lifted myself into a better position.

4. Take some time out. Now is not the time for planning the next move. Just to have a mo, meet some friends, go for a run, have a glass of wine, stroke the cat. Whatever your thing is. Just do it and enjoy the now.

Lots of love
Helen xoxo


Hi, I’m Helen! I’m a wellbeing and lifestyle blogger. After years of letting anxiety and a lack of self-confidence get in the way of achieving my goals. I’m now all about finding tips and tricks to boost confidence, personal growth, self-care and productivity. I’m on quest to live my best life and hopefully help you live the life you love.

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