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Lunch ideas: Lazy lunches

Research has shown that if you plan what you are going to eat for your lunch in advance, rather
than eating on impulse, it can stop you consuming more calories. The reason for this is that you aren’t craving a quick sugar fix or wanting something just because it smells or looks good, so are less likely to choose high sugar or high fat foods.The thing which usually puts people off making their own
lunch however, is that it can be time consuming and after a long day at work, then coming home and making dinner, the last thing you then want to think about it making lunch for tomorrow. I have put together a few simple ideas for simple lunches which takes minimal effort.

Plan ahead:

All it takes it a bit of savvy food shopping and some Sunday night preparation and it can be really simple to create delicious lunches. One of my favorite time saving ideas is to make one big salad bowl on a Sunday night. Once it is all chopped up and covered up, this will last a few days and it can easily be used in a variety if different lunches.


In my salad: 
Half a cucumber
Half a lettuce
3 tomatoes
3 celery sticks
4 spring onions,
 A radish
An orange pepper.

Last nights left overs make great lunches:

No time to make anything different for lunch tomorrow, then all you have to do make a bit extra tonight and then use the left overs to make a tasty lunch for the next – voila!
Diced chicken (or Quorn)
1 onion
1 red and 1 green pepper
A tin of chopped tomatoes
1 fresh green chilli
1 garlic cloveOr, how about just the tomato sauce and a bit of pasta – simple!

Alternatively, the chicken can be cooked on it’s own and added to the salad – just add a little mayo!


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