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My Experience Trying Out The Lazy Keto Diet. Was It Worth It?

The keto diet seems to be the current new fad in dieting, but is it really that good? I tried the lazy keto diet and I thought I would share my experiences. This time last year the weight had started creeping on and I just didn’t feel great in my summer clothes. Come January I was no longer able to fit in my ‘comfy clothes’. Those once baggy jeans and a uniform of baggy tops and leggings just weren’t fitting anymore. I decided to reduce calories, but I got grumpy, hungry and the weight barely shifted.

My Experience Trying Out The Lazy Keto Diet. Was It Worth It?
I started buying bigger clothes, but it just didn’t feel right to waste money replacing good clothes. My wardrobe was bursting at the seams. I was Marie Kondo-ing my wardrobe and it seemed like I was having to get rid of the clothes I loved. I’d quite honestly had had enough and my mood and confidence were pretty low. Dan decided to go on the keto diet. I was sceptical. He lost 1 stone in weight! What did I have to lose and gave the keto diet a go?

What is keto?

Keto is a low carb, medium protein, high fat diet. I struggled to get my head around what that meant at first. Carbs appear to be in virtually everything if you look. I worked on the basis that if I cut all the obvious bread, pasta and potatoes, you can go from there to investigate individual foods. High fat is the easier bit, but you need to aim for the “good fats”, so the avocado and the coconut oil, etc. Although, we can eat cheese. Yes, cheese! Never thought I could be on a diet and eat cheese.

Get yourself mentally ready

I started reducing carbs around three weeks before. I was going away to Nice so I knew there was no point starting the diet if I couldn’t keep it up. Then started keto on the 3rd of June. Unfortunately, keto flu set in on the first day and I came home from work and went straight to bed. I wasn’t sick, but feel it and had a headache. It made for an interesting bus journey! Thankfully, come the morning I felt absolutely fine and had no other issues.

Get yourself prepared

It’s important to have all your food there ready. Also if you know you’ll be tempted by goodies in the fridge, then use them up before you start. Lidl and Aldi are great shops to get all the meat, fish, cheese and bits of veg you’ll need. I’ll do a separate post on our keto shopping list and meal prepping if that’s of interest to people.

Think about keto-friendly swaps you can do too. For example, I was OBSESSED with crisps. The thought of giving them up was tough, but then I realised you can eat dry roasted peanuts. I don’t think I would have been able to do the diet without them!

Remember to drink lots of water. I’ve read keto can be bad for your kidneys.

What’s the difference with keto and lazy keto?

The reason I say, lazy keto, is because I didn’t calculate macros. If you want to track macros there are a few apps, such as my fitness pal. I’ve seen recommended, but as I haven’t personally used them, I can’t give an opinion.

Give yourself a realistic time goal

I lost on average 1 pound per week. My goal was to lose around 11 lbs (4.9 kg) as this was roughly the weight I had put on. The main reason being was that my clothes no longer fitted and I was going on holiday on the 12th of July.

Keto on holiday

Keto was going so well that I decided to keep going on holiday as much as I could. I kept away from the obvious carbs, such as bread and pasta. But as you don’t know how the food is cooked, creepy carbs such as garlic and sugar can be added. I did have wine (lots of wine!) and a few Pina Coladas. Yet for some reason, I continued to lose a few lbs. Although not at the same rate I had been doing. But hey, I had visions of putting it all back on with the first few sips of Pina Colada, so I’m happy.

Keto long term?

I only planned to do keto until our holiday, then I decided to keep going. Partly because Keto has been great for my IBS for some reason, so I don’t want to rock the boat. Although, saying that I have now started drinking wine and having the odd bits of crisps now and again. Although, I wouldn’t trust myself not to go back to eating the whole multipack, just yet!


One of the best additional benefits I’ve seen is that keto has been great for my IBS and mental health. I honestly felt like I had loads more energy. I never believed the diet could work. It has totally transformed my outlook on what I eat. Gone are the processed pizzas! I lost 11lbs (4.9kg) and now fit back into almost all of my clothes. I’m currently “shopping” my wardrobe and am genuinely able to see if something sparks joy.

Have you tried keto?

Lots of love,
Helen xoxo

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