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My New Love: My Sign By Revolution

Hands up I have too much make up, but hardly ever use any of it! My current mini eyeshadow palette had hit pan and I thought what other small eyeshadow have I got. I’d only gone and bought this before Christmas and put it in my “eyeshadow palette” drawer and forgotten about it!

I thought it was a really quirky idea to have a range of makeup designed just for your star sign, but I also loved the colours and the travel compact size of the eyeshadow palette.  Although, it isn’t just an eyeshadow palette; it’s an everything you need all in one pot – we have eye primer, highlighter, three eye shades AND a two-toned eyebrow powder! Plus look at the colours – that gold is just, well being a Leo, we love golden and glorious and it’s just perfect!

So, if you’re wondering what my new love is, well look no further! I picked mine up at Superdrug, but you can also get your hands on Leo or any of the other astrological signs at TAM Beauty.

My Leo Sign is Playful, Generous and Ambitious. What’s yours? 
Lots of love, 


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  1. Avatar 28th January 2017 / 11:13 am

    such lovely colours! I looked at the pallette for my star sign but the colours just werent me! Yours are much better!

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