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My Top Five Study Tips And Hacks

My Top Five Study Tips And Hacks

I’m currently into the last stage of my Masters degree as a mature student. After a few months without any deadlines, now is the time to get motivated for the final push. I am terrible for leaving things until last minute and then getting grumpy because it all feels like it’s getting too much. Before it gets to that point, I’ve been reminding myself of all the study tips and hacks that I’ve learnt along the way.

The Christmas holidays is about finding a balance between having fun and being merry with our friends and family and studying. If you want to spend the minimum time for the maximum results, then here are the things that have worked for me:

Find the study environment which suits you.

I personally study best in bed, especially during the cold winter months. I like to put easy to watch films that I’ve seen before on in the background. Sliding Doors, Love Actually and The Holiday are my current favourites. Alternatively, Spotify have some great study playlists, or you could make your own.

Find a study routine that works best for you.

You need to work out if you’re a study marathon or a study sprinter. Do you work better if you work all day or in chunks of 20 minutes, etc? I personally work better if I dedicate a day to a task. Whichever way is best for you, make sure you block out the time.

Get rid of unnecessary distractions.

I’m the best procrastinator. I will faff and find anything to do other than the task in hand. It is better instead to switch your phone to aeroplane mode and turn off notifications on your laptop.

Have a clear plan for the day.

Otherwise next thing you know it is 2pm and you haven’t done anything you really wanted to get done. Break down tasks into time slots. For example: 1) Read and make notes on chapter two 9-10am, 2) Write introduction 10-10:30, etc.

Take breaks and stay hydrated.

If you find your starting to flag. Is it actually because you haven’t drank enough water? I find that not drinking enough water means that my concentration lapses. To combat this, I always keep a big (preferably a litre) bottle of water to hand.

What are your favourite study hacks?

Lots of love,
Helen xoxo

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