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My Ultimate Packing Lists

Life before my ultimate packing list meant I had more mishaps than I can remember when it came to packing for a trip. Off the top of my head, one trip where I realised I didn’t have a spare top. Unfortunately, this was the day we were flying home. Dan thankfully had packed a spare top, which saved me the embarrassment of flying home in a bikini.  Another trip, I didn’t pack enough underwear. All I can say is thank goodness we were staying near some shops!

All this packing chaos was all way too stressful. So, now I’ve now perfected my checklist into basically everything I could ever possibly need whilst I’m away. Whether it be for business, travel, beach or a few nights of jollies. I think I now have it covered and any potential wardrobe malfunction is averted. I’ve also created two free downloadable lists if you would like to print them off. One Carry On Packing List and one Long Haul Packing List

Key information

Type of trip: city/beach/business/other:

Travelling to:

Outbound travel time:

Return travel time:

Total days:

Total outfits needed:


Underwear (pants/bras/socks/tights)

Tops / T-shirts

Trousers / Jeans

Shorts / Dresses

Bikinis / Swimsuit

Going out outfits

Cardigan / Light coat for evening 

Need any other shoes? Boots/trainers/flip-flops

Active gear

Comfy leggings and t-shirt

Watch/ Jewellery / Belt

Sunhat / Sunglasses

PJs / Slippers

Clothes to go home in

Laundry bag


Makeup bag

Toothbrush / Toothpaste / Mouthwash

Face cream / Oil / Make-up remover / Wipes


Ear buds / Tissues

Body butter / Hand cream

Shower gel / Razor / Shampoo & conditioner

Hair brush / Hair oil / Heat protectant spray /Hairdryer? / Hair accessories (hair tie/grips)

Deodorant /Perfume

Medication / Plasters / Pain killers

Tampons / Feminine care

Sun cream / After sun / Mosquito repellent

Eye mask / Ear plugs

Techy/ other stuff


Bullet journal

iPad (pre-download films)

Laptop / Laptop case


Camera / Memory card / Chargers / USB leads

Carry on



Advance boarding cards

Medical insurance / EH11


Phone / Earphones


Lip balm / Hand cream /Hand sanitiser / Wipes

Book / Magazine / Pen / Pack of cards

Water / Snacks  

If you are anything like me, then I hope this helps. Have an amazing trip!

Lots of love,

Helen xoxo 


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