My Ultimate Packing List

Life before my ultimate packing list meant I had more mishaps than I can remember when it comes to packing for a trip. Off the top of my head, one trip where I realised the day we were flying home, I didn’t have a spare top. After deciding a bikini may have raised a few too many eyebrows at airport security, Dan kindly lent me one of his spare tops. Another trip, I didn’t pack enough underwear – thank goodness we were staying near some shops! This was all way too stressful, so I’ve now perfected my checklist into basically everything I could ever possibly need whilst I’m away. Whether it be business, travel, beach or a few nights of jollies, I think I now have it covered and any potential wardrobe malfunctions averted. I’ve also popped into a PDF download too (Packing lists) if you would like to print off a copy feel free.

Key information

Type of trip: city/beach/business/other Travelling to: Outbound travel time: Return travel time: Total days: Total outfits needed:


Underwear (pants/bras/socks/tights) Tops T-shirts Trousers Jeans Shorts Dresses Bikinis / swimsuit Going out outfits Need any other shoes? Boots/trainers/flip-flops Active gear Comfy leggings and t-shirt Watch/jewellery/belt Sunhat / Sunglasses PJs / slippers Clothes to go home in Laundry bag


Makeup bag Toothbrush, toothpaste & mouthwash Face cream / oil Make-up remover / wipes Ear buds Tweezers Tissues Body butter Hand cream Shower gel Razor Shampoo & conditioner Hair brush Hair oil / heat protectant spray Hairdryer? Hair accessories (hair tie/grips) Deodorant /perfume Medication / plasters / pain killers Tampons / feminine care Sun cream / after sun / mosquito repellent Eye mask / Ear plugs

Techy/ other stuff

Book Bullet journal iPad (pre-download films) Laptop / laptop case Earphones Camera / memory card Chargers / USB leads

Carry on

Passport Tickets Advance boarding cards Medical insurance / EH11 Cash Phone Earphones Sunglasses Lip balm / hand cream Hand sanitiser / wipes Book / Magazine Pen Pack of cards Water / snacks  

If you are anything like me, then I hope this helps. Have an amazing trip!

Lots of love,

Helen xoxo 


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