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Pink Parcel Unboxing April 2017

Hehe before April is out. Thought I better post the latest PP. They were late delivering this month for some reason and then I’ve just had it sat in the spare room ‘waiting to take photos’. You know the drill.

This month looks a decent box. Let’s dive on in and have a ganders:

First, let’s put the kettle on! Sleep Tea. Erm, ok so might not finish this post… To be honest, I much prefer the natural non- caffinated tea bags, so I’m happy. It’s a lovely liquorice, lavender tea. For me that is perfection.

To go with our cuppa, we have Conscious Chocolate. I got mine in Goji and Coconut. A vegan, free from refined sugar sweet treat. Again this is right up my street. Thank you #PPSquad.

But, what is this another chocolate delight. Puff Paff Pudding Pot. A cute jar filled with creamy chocolate layered over a cake, brownie or busicut base. Erm, I’m not a cake/busciut fan, so I’m going to pass. I do have a lot of lovely ladies in my life who I know will love this! Mums, Nanna – this one is for you!

Now, let’s move onto the beauty bits. Starting with Patisserie De Bain Hand Cream. I got mine in Creme Patisserie. I like this. It doesn’t smell too sweet and it’s nice and moisturising. Plus perfect handbag size at 50ml. Yay!

Next, is something I haven’t seen before. It’s the Lavera All-Round Cream. I got my nails done for the wedding and I can’t open the tin *whoops* How do I ask Dan to open it and not look like pathetic! One opened tin later. It smells really nice. It’s consistency reminds me of a more melting balm version of Nivea Soft. It’s a handy little 25ml tin, so perfect for popping in your handbag, or for a weekend away.

Ooh a Dove Pure Care Dry Oil Conditioner. Ooh we got the shampoo last month. LOVED IT! Bonus, I use shampoo really slowly (not because I don’t wash my hair btw. Before you think *gross*!). I took the sample size shampoo to Venice and brought the remainder home so, I can team these two together and see how they are. I said I was going to look out for them in Superdrug and I forgot, but will definitely look to repurchase to try them out properly.

Hairon Ties. I usually buy these from Primani for £1. These are £3.99 for 3, so more expensive. The Primark ones break easily though, so be interersting to see if spend more, they last longer. I will keep you posted.

Lastly, you know me. The best bit obviously is the lipstick! This one is Hikari Lipsticks. It comes in a variety on shades. Mine came in Dune. This is a lovely on-trend brown/orange shade. Very flattering and moisturising. Love it.

Overall, it’s a really nice box.

You can pick the bits up at:
Pink Parcel pink parcel.co.uk
Your Tea ‘Sleep Tea’ 40 teabags for £16 at uk.yourtea.com
Conscious Chocolate 80p for a 13g bar at consciouschocolate.com
Piff Paff Pudding Pot £2 per jar at piffpaff.co.uk
Patisserie De Bain Hand Cream £3.99 at patisseriedebain.co.uk
Lavera All-Round Cream £2 for 25ml at pravera.co.uk
Dove Pure Care Dry Oil Conditioner £6.29 for 250ml at Boots.
Hairon Ties £3.99 hairon.co.uk
Hikari Lipsticks $13 hikaricosmetics.com


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