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Pink Parcel Unboxing August 2017

This year is totally flying by at the moment isn’t it! I thought before the month is over (again!), I would sit down and review the latest Pink Parcel. This month looks to be on first glance a really good box, so let’s dive on in…

As I always do when I review the PP, is first to find the drink and the snacks (well, why wouldn’t you). This months tea bag is the Kusmi Tea BB Detox Tea. It is a green tea and grapefruit mix, which is really nice and refreshing.

The sweet treat is really exciting as it’s Silvina’s Nature Raspberry & White Cholcoate Crowns. These are low calorie (28 per box), low sugar and veggie friendly sweets.  They are a wafer-like consistency, which is something I wasn’t expecting, but they are beyond yummy!!

The next thing to catch my eye is the Sportfx Cool Down Primer and Recovery Gel. This has a cooling formula full of vitamins sloe vera and water for anti-redness and cooling before or after a workout. Hmm, that reminds me, I need to arrange an appointment for a gym induction and then I could try it out properly. Why is it so hard to motivate yourself for the gym! It actually provides a great base for make up and the cooling action is really nice, so can’t wait to really see if it works under workout conditions.

Next is the Nailsinc Gel Effect Nail Polish and I got mine in the shade Queens Garden. The colour range is inspired by London place names, it comes in Baker Street and Seven Dials. We all love a Nailsinc polish don’t we and my shade is very summery.

The next thing that gets my attention is the Phizz Rehydration Vitamins and Minerals. They are those effervescent tables packed with vitamins and minerals. I quite like that they are aimed at rehydration. I’m thinking I might leave these for back to school next month. You know the time when all the bugs and colds start coming on!

Next is a bit different. It is Native Unearthed Deodorant Balm. You have to stick your fingers in the tub, massage between your fingers and then apply to the underarm. I’m used to applying or spraying! It’s all natural though, made from mineral salts. It smells nice and it works! So, it’s all good with me 🙂

Next we have Vitamasque Fruit Slice Mask. Theses are basically like the cucumbers you put on your eyes when you do a face mask! How cool is that! They come in Kiwi or Orange. I got mine in Orange. I kind of wish they were cucumber now I’ve described them as cucumber, but they are made with real fruit extract and feel so nice and refreshing. I’ve started trying to do more pamper skincare nights, so they come in very handy!

The last thing in the box is something really quirky! It’s the Evoshave Handheld Razor. It’s a tiny razor, which you just use between your two fingers. I found this quite difficult to use for my underarm area (I’m not the most delicate of people). It was good for legs though. Not sure it will replace my usual razor, but I think it is good for popping in your bag for trips away and the like.

Have to say, overall I am really pleased with this months box! Well done #PPSquad.

You can get hold of the box at: Pink Parcel: pink parcel.co.uk




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