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Pink Parcel Unboxing September 2017

Haha, so how is it September already?! This months box is looking very pink! I’m not complaining, it’s the perfect colour to brighten the now duller looking days 🙂

First off as always, I like to put the kettle on and see what our tea is. This month is The London Tea Company Peach & Rhubarb Tea Bag. Now, this is a nice tea! A perfect little winter warmer. The chocolate treat is supposed to be Belgian Boys Choco Stix, but for some reason my box doesn’t have them 🙁 Ah ok, that makes sense, I’ve just read in the little booklet that the Belgian Boys Choco Stix was just a teaser for a future box and instead this month chocolate treat is the Bakedin Chocolate Brownie Mug Mix. This looks very intriguing, we love a bit of baking, so Dan’s got his hands on the pack as we speak. It is really easy to cook and the recipe is really easy to follow. However, it is not a brownie, it’s just a chocolate sponge mix. It was really tasty, just maybe slightly too dry, but it maybe we didn’t adjust the microwave setting enough, as the instructions are for a 800W.

Next off we have the Sebamed Feminine Intimate Wash. I am really not a fan of intimate washes, but it looks a nice product.

Then we have a few beauty bits. I’ve spied the Laritzy Cosmetic Lip Pencil. Mine comes in the shade Deep Orchid, which is a lovely purple shade. Next, we have a Ciate London Nail Polish. I have mine in the shade Raspberry Collins, a lovely pink shade. I have to say, I’m now starting to switch to darker shades now we are in Autumn, but who doesn’t love a nice Ciate nail polish, so I will leave this one for next summer. Next we have the Stylondon Oval Face Brush, a blusher blending brush. It’s been a while since I tried out the face brushes, but I really liked them, so I’m looking forward to giving this a good try out. Last on the beauty front, we have Skimono Foot Mask. These are cute little booties you wear for 30 minutes to get your tootsies feeling silky smooth. My feet are to say the least really glad we are at the end of the sandal season, so this is the perfect start to pedicure pamper time!

Overall, another great little box 🙂 You can get hold of one at www.pinkparcel.co.uk

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