I have always been keen to try hair products containing argan oil, mainly due to the well known benefits of the oil. Argan oil is great for rejuvenating and nourishing dry and damaged hair and as my hair is long and has suffered from years of bleaching and styling, anything promising it will make a difference, I want to try it!
I used this a few weeks ago when I stayed at my friend’s house and I noticed that just after one wash my hair felt so much more healthy, so I put it on my list to buy.

Before you get going…

If like me you don’t read the label on the back of the shampoo and conditioner beforehand, please bear in mind they have security seals you need to remove. This is much easier to take off before you have wet hands!

The products:

The shampoo is nice and creamy and lathers up really well and rinses out easily. The conditioner again is a nice creamy consistency. They smell gorgeous too, rather like the smell of shampoo in a salon, so you feel like you are pampering yourself too!

The result:

My hair feels soft and silky and it still smells gorgeous too hours afterwards.

An absolute bargain:

I am used to paying quite a lot for hair products containing argon oil. I did a quick search and they are available on Amazon, for £4.89 for both products, which is very reasonable. However, I saw them in ASDA and what price, £1 each! Both the shampoo and conditioner are 150ml. 
Definitely going to be a repurchase!
Thanks for reading xoxo 

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