I have been searching for a ‘miracle’ cream for my dry and very damaged hair for as long as I can remember. I have to say, I seriously love this stuff!

My hair has been dyed blonde with bleach used in the front sections for years. It is also fairly long now, so as you can imagine, it feels really dry and brittle. I try to avoid straightening it now to prevent more damage, but I do still blow dry my hair (to stop me looking like a crazy mermaid!).

To try to fix my hair, I must have tried virtually every kind of moisture mask going, but as these are often individual sachets, so I always forget to repurchase. The fact it is a 300ml tub means, I can just leave it in the bathroom.

There is nothing I can fault about this product. It smells nice and it has a lovely consistency. It even has an easy-open pop up lid, which is perfect for getting to the product with wet hands!

I have use it twice a week for about the last month. My hair feels soft and shiny and not as dry at the ends. If you are looking for a reasonably priced hair treatment for dry/damaged hair, then I would definitely put this on your ‘must try’ list.


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