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Six Benefits Of Starting A Bullet Journal

Six benefits of starting journaling After a few failed starts, I started journaling last September. I was put off the idea of journaling as I thought it was a time-consuming activity that requires a regular commitment. How wrong was I! Journaling is what you make it. Since then I am a complete convert. Here are what I’ve found to be the six benefits of starting journaling.

Get organised and in control

I was fed up with buying a diary and it didn’t do what I needed. The diary would end up gathering dust, and I end up drowning in a mass of post-it notes and to-do lists. Birthdays would be forgotten, and I was getting so stressed out that I felt disorganised and everything was getting a bit out of control.

Increased productivity

Admittedly, initially, I spend too long drawing boxes and filling in the dates. I am a massive procrastinator, so any excuse to do anything other than what I’m supposed to be doing! Once I did actually get started, my journal has been a lifesaver. My productivity has increased, I’m more organised and I feel more in control of my life. There is no diary system like it. As you control what it looks like, what its laid out like and what you want to track.

Clear your mind

You can just take whatever is in your mind and “dump” it on paper. I literally call it my ‘Brain Dump’. I write down anything I need to remember to clear my mind. If I feel anxious, I write down how I’m feeling. I then go back and try to work out why I am feeling that way and what I can do to change it. The fact you have time to reflect upon your previous journal entries can be hugely beneficial mentally and spiritually. It is basically free therapy!!

Feel gratitude and Positivity

Set aside a few minutes each morning to write down what you are grateful for and what you have accomplished so far. I have a tendency to be too negative about things, so this makes me flip it and see the positives of life is a revelation. I found it hard at first and repeated the same things about family, friends, etc., but it gets easier the longer you do it. Set goals

Set Goals

You can set yourself goals, whether it be yearly, monthly, or daily. I put a little box next to the goal. It is so satisfying to tick it off. The more you tick off, the more you think what else can I strive to achieve?

Document your life

You can look back on what happened and when. The things you write become precious memories as you go through life. Re-visiting and reading back over older entries can help stimulate happy feelings, but also remind us of valuable lessons learnt and experiences.

Have you tried journaling?

Lots of love, Helen xoxo

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