Smelling good? Zoella spritz

I’ve just got back from a few little European trips and I’ve been carrying around the new Zoella, Let’s Spritz. I just thought it was a handy little spray to have in my handbag and pop in my flight bag. I was actually really impressed by the scent and the staying power!

I picked up the Blissful Mistful last year when Zoella launched her own brand @superdrug. I always meant to give it a proper trial/review, but it for some reason ended up amongst all my other goodies. What was I missing for £8 for 45ml, I am really impressed!

Let’s Spritz has a lovely fresh scent going on. Whereas, Blissful Mistful is more of a feminine, floral scent. Either way both are affordable, wearable and easy to pop in your handbag for a quick feel good spritz on the go 🙂

Have you tried anything from the range? 
Lots of love, 
Helen xoxo


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