Five Goals To Achieve Before The End Of 2018

2018 has flown by hasn’t it! It’s not too late though to put the breaks on and think about the goals you still want to achieve this year. Take a mo and jot down things you wish you could achieve by the end of the year. Pick 5 of them and get them done! Even if it’s start Christmas shopping in November or lose 4 lbs before your work do. It’s achievable if you start now.

Personally, I don’t want to end the year with lots of loose ends. I wanted to wrap 2018 up into a neat little package and send it on its way. That way I can end 2018 on a positive note and start 2019 afresh. We had half term last week, so I thought what better way to utilise the time.

1. Get all that adulating life admin shiz done. I’m talking bills, and all that paperwork and emails. If you have a car, go and get it serviced. It’s the perfect time before winter and all your money goes on Christmas or the holidays. I always feel I’m wasting a day doing life admin, but it just makes you feel so much better when it’s all done and crossed off your list.

2. Get my routine sorted. I started a new job last month with a longer commute. Going forward I want to utilise my time better. I’m going to start to get lunches and my evening meals prepared in advance again. I also want to make the most of the time commuting, instead of napping. Haha yes, that’s me doing the nodding dog impression, and waking up hoping I’ve not accidentally lay my head on the shoulder of the person next to me *cringe*.

3. Get rid of all the stuff that’s unnecessary in your life. I had a massive clear out earlier on in the year of all my clothes that don’t fit or I just knew I would never wear again. Yet, I still have lots of just random stuff in cupboards. Like who needs three diaries! Especially, given I use a bullet journal for everything.

4. Get to grips with Pinterest. I took a break from blogging and since I’ve come back Pinterest has taken off as a blogging tool. I definitely thing I need to get my head around it! If anyone has any tips to get going with it, please let me know.

5.  Learn to take photos properly with my camera. Despite having a decent camera (the Olympus Pen), I don’t use it. In all honesty, I don’t know how to use it. So. I’m going to make an effort to learn how to use the different settings.

What goals do you want to achieve before the end of the year?

Lots of love,
Helen xoxo