Blogosphere Summer Party 2016

On Sunday I attended the Blogoshere Summer Party. What more can a blogger want than sun, tea, cupcakes and chat with lovely friendly like-minded bloggers. The event was held at the very Instagramable venue at The Gallery, Lumiere London.

I walked away with some exquisite goodies, including the latest Blogoshere Magazine, which is such a fantastic read. I particularly loved the article by Lauren from Little Lauren’s Blog sharing her top tips on photography and blog props on a budget. The goodie bag also contained tea bags from The London Tea Company. You know as Northerner, I love a good brew, so was really excited to try these. They come in such cute little packaging, a bit like Teapigs, in a muslin pyramid bag. Just add hot water and brew for 3 minutes and bobs your uncle, a lovely smooth and balanced breakfast tea.

Other goodies on offer at the event where the Godiva Pearls Cappuchino favoured chocolates, which Dan snatched out of my hand when he spotted them and he’s still currently munching his way through as I type up this post! I checked their website and apparently they make perfect wedding favours too, so perfect.
For me though the best bit has to be the cute little box from containing the cutest heart shaped silver metal necklace and beautiful discrete shimmering stud earnings, so I will definitely be checking them out for potential little bridesmaids gifts.
I can’t wait to got to the next event! Who is going to the Bloggers Festival? 
Lots of love, 

Book Review: The Luxe Life by Fleur De Force

I have followed Fleur De Force for years and I love her You Tube channels and blog. I loved the Glam Guide (I did a little review here) so I was so excited when she announced she was writing another book. Fleur is such a relatable person, who with her effortless glamour, you can’t help but want to follow her advice.

I love the blurb ‘Luxe living is all about bevoming your best self – the one you’ve always wanted to be – and making it look totally effortless’. That is, I think what many of us aspire to be. I certainly am one of those people. However, I am very disorganised and often chaotic in my approach, so this to me is a bible of how to, with a little be of extra effort, get those first class results.

The book goes through the various topics you would expect Felur to focus on, such as black-tie beauty, hair and fashion, but it also covers things like luxe at home and party food if you want some tips on home entertainment. One chapter I particularly liked is the wedding section. Although, this is more from the point of view of a guest at a wedding. There is also a chapter dedicated to the art of giving and how to make cute home made presents for people, which I thought was such a lovely idea if you are the more crafty type of person, just looking for a bit of inspiration.

As with the Glam Guide, I love the way the book is set out into chapters containing bite size step-by-step tips, interspersed with colourful pictures, as well as photographs of Fleur wearing her own clothes and makeup which added a nice personal touch.

As with the Glam Guide, I really hoped for a section of being more organised. The book does however have a section on de-cluttering, which I found really helpful as we are going to be moving house shortly and it is always good to have a clear out ready for a fresh start.

Has anyone else read the book? What did you think?

Lots of love,

The Thirty Plus Blog Awards 2016

Hello everyone. I hope you are doing well? On Thurday I attended the Thiry Plus Blogger Awards 2016 at the gorgeous boutique-style Charlotte Street Hotel. Hosted by the lovely Hayley Carr and Rebecca Viner.

The event was totally amazing; I was totally blown away. From the gorgeous venue, the free-flowing prosecco, delicious nibbles, but above all just a lovely bunch of like-minding people, who just like me, love blogging.Being 30 plus and joining the blog world, I often felt I was maybe a bit too old to fit in, but since engaging with the fab guys and gals at Thirty Plus, I realise that us 30 plus bloggers are actually where it’s at!

I got this amazingly cute little dress from Asos, painted my nails with Lottie London Blogger Babe (very apt!), donned my falsies (these were from Primark and didn’t let me down!), put on my heels and headed for Tottenham Court Road tube station.

The event was topped of by the Body Shop goodie bag. The Body Shop is 40 this year, so very apt to join with 30 Plus Bloggers. I have fond school memories of the Strawberry Lip Balm kept safely in my blazer pocket. That maybe where my beauty obsession began!

A lovely lady who properly stands out though is Ree from We had so much fun attempting a joint goodie bag, lift selfie 🙂

I can’t wait to join in with the rest of the fun!


Did you attend the event?
Lots of love,

Groomzilla: What’s that all about?

Hello everyone! i hope you are doing mighty dandy on this lovely summers day?!

So, as you may know I am getting married next year – Yeah! I am way beyond excited, but I am probably one of the most disorganised, laid back (ok, so maybe a bit lazy!), kind of people you could ever meet. Yes, my job requires me to be super organised, with just the odd (lots) of winging to get everything done, but my personal life it is just, well…

My lovely fiancé on the other hand is super, super organised! He’s so far organised everything to do with the wedding (I must at this point say a huge thank you to him for that!), I have never had so many formal emails with kisses on before!

Everyone comments what a super organised couple we are and instantly assume then that I must be some sort of bridezilla. It doesn’t take too long though before people realise that I’m actually not and given our recent meeting with the florist, I’m still pretty clueless when it comes to all things wedding.

So what is a groomzilla. I think this pretty much sums it up!

Groomzilla: a super organised groom to be. Beware and never get in his way!

Without him though we wouldn’t be 8 months ahead of the wedding with a: venue, organised, the registrar appointment, theme chosen, cake, photographer, DJ, flowers, design of the wedding invites, ring designs, found my wedding dress/bridesmaids for me, flower girl sorted, hair and make up ideas and reminding me to book a pre-wedding holiday! Although… still to order table decorations and some finishing touches – can I step in?!

So, for all us chilled out brides to be, let’s celebrate the groomzilla 🙂
Was one of you bride/groomzilla? Or really relaxed? 

Lots of love, 

Happy Blogiversary & Blog Facelift

Hi guys hope you’re all doing well? I can’t believe my little blog is two years old! To mark the occasion we had a little facelift 🙂 
After a wee bit of research, I came across Miel Cafe Design. I can’t actually remember where I found their site, I think it was perhaps just a Google search. I was so glad I found them and would totally recommend their service if you are looking to update your blog design. 
Before, I used a simple Blogger template with some bought in extras, but I didn’t feel this was the look I really wanted. I really wanted a sort of magazine template with everything in neat boxes – I guess that’s more the way my mind works – hey who doesn’t like things nice and tidy lol 🙂
The design building process was very much a dialogue based on a detailed questionnaire. The team were so helpful with the bits I wasn’t so sure on. They provided suggestions and mock-ups of everything along the way, so by the end they created exactly what I envisaged. 
I have to say, I have absolutely loved blogging this past two years. There have been times, more times that I would have hoped, that my poor blog has got neglected when work and life got in the way, as well as some pretty shoddy internet connection in our flat (I will never used Sky again!). 
My life has changed so much over the past two years and I love the fact my blog reflects that. Two years ago I was a single gal living in Manchester, recovering from a car accident. Then I moved down to London for Uni and now I’m getting married, so lots of new and exciting things are happening 🙂
Thank you to everyone who has taken time out to read my blog. I can’t thank you enough! I hope you will join me for the next chapter. I have recently started a You Tube channel too, so I hope you will come on over and have a ganders.

So here’s to many more years blogging! 

Lots of love,