Things I have learnt in my 30s 💗

Have you ever stopped and thought how did I get this old?! I’m 37 next month and I always have a little mental evaluation of where I am and where I want to be just before a birthday. It made me think, what have I learnt along the way…

# You need to love yourself before anyone else will.

# Accept yourself for who you are and to heck with anyone else.
# There is a big wide world out there. Save up and go explore.
# Write down your dream job/desire/whatever. Putting it on paper makes it more real. Next step – what can you do to achieve that goal. You can do it!
# Age is just a number. Live life, be happy.
# You’re never too old. I did a career change/moved cities at 36. Best thing I ever did.# Don’t feel pressure to be like everyone else. Do what is right for you. I was chatting to a girl the other day who said she needs to be married, children and own her own house at 28. Why? She said that’s what you do. Is it right to feel that pressure.

# Look after yourself. You will start to notice fine line/grey hairs. I found it was time to start using a night cream and serum moisturiser.

# Your hair will generally get thinner. I used to have really long thick hair. Although, I haven’t noticed hair thinning to the extent of some of my friends, it is definitely not as ‘mane like’ as it used to be. I have started looking for shampoos which add a bit of volume as well as moisturising qualities.

# I will never change. No matter how many time I say I am going to be more organised, I won’t forget people’s birthdays, etc. It is still hit and miss! Yes, I have a diary, yes I write everything on random bits of paper, oh and don’t get me started on post-it notes everywhere!! Yet, I still forget – sorry!

# It’s ok to be a big kid. Why can’t you go on the swings/roundabout? Why can’t you paddle in the sea?

# There will be those special peeps who always stay in your life. Yeah, I’m talking about my BFFs 🙂 It is true what they say, you don’t need to see or speak to a real friend for months. You know it’s real.

# I will always keep learning and evolving as a person. That’s the exciting thing about human intelligence and emotional development. Embrace it 🙂

What about you?
Lots of love,
Helen xoxo

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