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Things That Made Me Happy In September

Happy Monday and how has September ended already! Recently I’ve been very much into adopting a positive mindset. I’m trying to incorporate mindfulness and positivity into my daily habits. Writing about what I am thankful for is something I am really working on doing. I’ve taken inspiration from the gorgeous Curvaceous Vegan and decided to do a quick little post about what has made me happy this month.

Autumn is here

Writing this post, I actually looked out and realised the trees have started to change to those gorgeous golden red tones that signal Autumn is here. I might be a summer baby, but I love Autumn. Although this week the temperature has been back up to 22 degrees here in London. I like the fact that although it feels like summer has faded, you still get that odd few days that feel like summer during the day, yet come 7pm it’s getting dark. The Autumnal evenings make it for me. I love that as the nights draw in, you can light the candles and wrap up all cosy in the blanket. And look forward to all of the new TV series starting soon.

Our sunflowers have finally flowered

In contrast to me loving the autumnal vibe. Storm Ali meant we had to bring the sunflowers inside and all of a sudden with the warmth of the house, they flowered. Sunflowers are my favourite flowers, and we love growing them. We left it too late though this year with one thing and other, and only planted them in May. We definitely have to plant them earlier next year!

My Belated 4-0 Birthday meal at Aqua Shard

The Shard holds special memories for Dan and I, as that’s where we met for our first date. We have been back there every year since. My mum and brother kindly booked us a meal there for us as a belated celebration. The food was delicious. Aqua as a restaurant is contrasting in that it’s an ultra-modern building with quite an outdated style of waiter service. Dan was offered to try the wine, even though it was my suggestion, which didn’t make Dan happy either. One day, hey!

The views from the restaurant are totally stunning though with a beautiful view of the London skyline from the 31st floor. Unfortunately, we didn’t get a window seat, but the layout of the restaurant is panoramic, so all of the tables and bar offer a good view.

The Guilty Feminist book

We were meant to go to the live show next month, but it unfortunately, the only date available coincides with Dan’s Birthday. I’ve got quite a few books queued up, so I’ve put their book, The Guilty Feminist: From our noble goals to our worst hypocrisies on my wish list. Thank you to the lovely Last Year’s Girl whose Insta drew my attention to the release of the book. If you’re a fan of the podcast, think this will be right up your street.

Three months until Christmas

Am I allowed to mention this?!! Compared to your average five-year-old, I am equally as happy for Christmas. Although, the thought of someone coming in the house at night freaks me out a little bit now I know Santa’s not real. I can’t wait to go in search of our Christmas tree as soon as it’s early enough to keep the tree alive until after the New Year. November *cough*!


What made you happy in September?

Lots of love,
Helen xoxo


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